* Moves to rally party leaders, stakeholders, in support of his aspiration;

* Storms Lagos in company of top PDP leaders;

* Says he has the capacity to confront teething national problems; 

* May remain on the trail after Lagos visit

Wike in the midst of top PDP leaders


As the nation reels under the weight of growing insecurity and instability, and atrocities that are being committed by renegade groups, a presidential aspirant  in the PDP has come out to assure ordinary Nigerians that he has the capacity to find practical solutions to Nigeria’s teething problems.

Governor Nyesom Wike who has stepped up his bid to persuade major stakeholders in the PDP to support his bid to serve the country as the next president warned in Lagos that the country is sliding into trouble.

Wike explained that what Nigeria needs is a man with a clear vision and requisite courage who will arrest the drift and confront the nation’s hydra – headed problems.

Stressing, only a person who is unafraid could deal decisively with the ugly trend that is endangering national security, Wike assured the Nigerian people that he has the capacity and the will to deal with issues that are strangulating national unity and development.

“This country today requires a leader that is focused and one that has capacity. We need someone courageous and focused.

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“And I can tell you that I have the courage, and I am not afraid of anyone. I can make things better for this country.”


Addressing party faithful, Wike said he had come to seek support for his ambition to salvage the country and the effort by the Nigerian people to snatch power from the ruling APC.

Seen by nonpartisan Nigerians who are watching the scene as a performer, Wike has emerged as a major frontrunner in the fight for PDP’s presidential ticket.

Accompanied on the visit to Chief Bode George by Governor Kehinde Makinde of Oyo State, former Governor Gabriel Suswam of Benue State, Lagos State governorship aspirant of the party, Oladiran Jide and other top PDP leaders, Wike said in Lagos, the nation’s economic capital, that he was on a mission to ask for the backing of his fellow party men.

“I have spoken to the elders and leaders privately and I hope that they get across to you, what I said to them”, the astute campaigner told a gathering of stakeholders.

Wike addressing stakeholders in Lagos.

“Most importantly”, he went on, is the fact that “we can’t continue to allow the country to go the way it is sliding. Something has to be done.”

Bode George who spoke glowingly about his guest pledged the support of the PDP in Lagos State, saying could be trusted to deliver.

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“When it comes to integrity and being absolutely resourceful, he (Wike) is there.

“He also has on his side that youthful depth that he can run from here to that gate in two seconds. I can’t do that anymore.

“We will make sure we do what is proper, as the public is waiting for us. They are more in number than we the card-carrying members of the party.

“They are watching who they can trust. If you are divided, you are going to be defeated. We must remain united. By the grace of God, he will deliver us there,” George noted.

Meanwhile, a stakeholders meeting which was expected to take place in Port Harcourt city Sunday night was cancelled at the last minute.

A new date when the proposed meeting of Rivers stakeholders will hold has not been fixed.

This has given rise to speculations in some circles that Governor Wike may spend some additional days on the campaign trail  before returning home.

Wike is pushing hard to get in front of other presidential aspirants who have stepped into the ring.

The Rivers Governor is focusing intensely on the state of the nation, particularly the dwindling economy and the state of insecurity, thus suggesting he would be running an issue based campaign.

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Nigeria is obviously under increasing security threat, with most Nigerians expressing deep reservations about the future.

Political pundits say the nation’s security threat would be one of the critical issues on the front burner as Nigerians get ready to elect a new government in 2023.

The APC, most Nigerians agree, has been unable to nip banditry and terrorism in the bud.

A train traveling between Abuja and Kaduna was blown off the track by a deadly explosive planted by insurgents.

A number of deaths have been reported while some other Nigerians who were on board the ill-fated train are missing.

Prior to that incident, gun men infiltrated the Kaduna Airport and killed at least one man.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo

Already, former President Olusegun Obasanjo, bewildered by the situation in the country, has observed that nowhere is safe any more.

He said roads, railway tracks and trains as well as airports are being attacked under the watch of the Buhari administration.

The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has in the meantime urged the nation’s leader, President Muhammadu Buhari to call Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State to order.

El-Rufai, elected on the platform of the APC is being blamed for the worsening security crisis in his home State by a cross section of Nigerians.