* Amaechi’s supporters celebrate victory at the National Convention;

* Plan to have a thanksgiving service;
* Abe explains why Wogu Boms contested;
* Says we wanted to make a point

Magnus Abe

Sharp disagreements have erupted within the Rivers APC family despite efforts by national leaders of the party to put a stop to a crisis rocking the party.

Back from the national convention of the party which held in Abuja,  the two sides which are in conflict have resorted to engage in a brawl.

On the one hand, supporters of the Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, are celebrating what they see as their victory over Senator Magnus Abe and his followers.

On the other side of the divide,  Abe and his team are equally celebrating their role at the convention.

They are saying that their aim was to prove on the convention floor that there can be no consensus without consultation.

The APC’s decision to elect party officials via a consensus arrangement was intended to bring groups at war within its fold to the roundtable to agree on the way forward.

Rotimi Amaechi... All smilesRotimi Amaechi

But the ensuing war of words, which is occupying centre stage in the media, can only mean that the unending war between two unequal sides in Rivers State is yet to be over.

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While the Minister and his supporters are reportedly planning a thanksgiving service, Abe and his followers are insisting they secured  a moral victory by being defiant.

Senator Magnus Abe in a statement that has gone viral explained why Barrister Wogu Boms, a former Attorney General under the Amaechi administration did not throw in the towel.

Abe said on Tuesday that Boms did not step down in order to make the point that a consensus agreement was never reached in Rivers.

The former Senator said in Port Harcourt,  “Everybody in Nigeria” knew where “consensus will not work.”

According to him, they knew it would not work “in Rivers State and that is how it played out.”

“When we got to the venue of the convention”, Abe explained, “it wasn’t only Rivers State that would have been affected” by the aftermath of disagreements which were playing out.

“But for the unity of the party”, Abe emphasized, there was an agreement that “there should be a consensus” and “those who are not favoured by the consensus should withdraw.”

Apparently demonstrating how difficult it would be to achieve some reconciliation within the Rivers APC, Abe disclosed, “We decided that we will not withdraw.”

He remarked that he and members of his team insisted that they should “let them vote because we wanted to make a point that consensus cannot be reached in Rivers State without consultation and respect for members of the party.”

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Abe noted that it was for this reason that “Worgu Boms did not step down for anybody.”

“It is not that at that point we expected that we will win”, the former Senator noted, “we wanted to make a point that we will not step down.”

Abe, Amaechi, two political Neighbours at war.

“True to type, Worgu Boms did not step down; he did not go to the podium to cry.

“So, when I came back here and I saw the level of jubilation and celebration that was going on in the state over the fact that they said they defeated Worgu Boms at the convention, I thought they said he was not a member of the party; I thought they said he will not contest”, Abe added.

Meanwhile arrangements regarding the Thanksgiving planned for Sunday is going on.

There are indications that Amaechi who is scheming to be the next President of Nigeria is expected to be present.