… Nigeria to spend $997M to update its military capability

President Muhammadu Buhari happy with weapons deal

The United States of America has agreed  to supply military hardware required to strengthen the Nigerian military.

According to the deal approved by the United States Department of Defence, Nigeria which is currently battling homegrown insurgency and is to purchase weapons worth an estimated sum of $997 million.

A statement issued on Thursday by the United States Department of Defence confirmed the decision of the Biden administration to allow the sale of US precision weapons to the African country.

For years, Nigeria has been struggling  to update its military capability as a major fighting force in Africa by acquiring US weapons, but concerns over human rights abuses had hindered her quest.

Now that differences between both countries have been overcome, the Buhari administration is expected to receive 12 attack helicopters, 2,000 advanced precision kill weapon system guidance sections and night vision imaging system.

President Joe Biden of United States of America allows weapons sale to Nigeria

The agreement which has paved the way for the purchase of the weapons, may suggest bilateral ties between Nigeria and the United States have gradually normalized.

The US noted that the sale of the weapons is part of efforts to “equip Nigeria to contribute to shared security objectives, promote regional stability and build interoperability with the US and other Western partners”.

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Insiders say the Nigerian government officials are pleased with the deal which change the tide in the war between the military and insurgents.

Said a military analyst, “Nigeria, as a result of the deal, would be better equipped to neutralize the activities of terror groups operating within its borders.

“The helicopters would definitely enhance Nigeria’s air power for instance.

“The precision guided weapons would ensure civilian casualties are seriously minimized. Hideouts used by enemies of the Nigerian state would be targeted appropriately and taken out by the military.

“In all, it is a good deal for Nigeria. At the bilateral level, it means relations between Nigeria and the US have vastly improved.”