Senator Magnus Abe Sunday took a swipe at those who are trying to turn Rivers people into slaves because they control stupendous wealth.

The fiery orator from Gokana who thinks disagreements are normal in politics took his quest to translate into the next governor of Rivers State to Okrika.

While in Okrika, Abe visited King Ateke Tom at Okochiri where he received assurances of Okrika’s support and understanding from the throne.

Reports say massive crowds turned out at the National School Field, Okrika to hear Abe speak.

Roving cameras were there to bring images of the event to millions of  readers across Nigeria who have an interest in events playing out in Rivers.

The Port Harcourt Telegraph serves some of the photos which captured aspects of that historic moment when Abe spoke and a multitude which had converged in Okrika listened:

Cross section of the enthusiastic crowd that turned out in Okrika

Senator Magnus Abe and his friends on stage at the National School Field in Okrika.

Backing camera.. Abe delivers a defiant message, warning disagreements are normal, not hate.

Abe: We will challenge it if they make a kangaroo choice.

People everywhere




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