Abe: “In politics disagreements are normal.”

* Disagreements in politics are normal. What’s not normal is hatred as we are preaching – Magnus Abe;
* We have decided to support Bola Tinubu for president – Golden Chioma

Those who think they can wish away Senator Magnus Abe’s place in the APC, particularly in forging a strong and formidable alliance which can defeat the PDP, may need to think twice.

Worgu Boms, Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice under the Amaechi administration, gave the hint early in the week at the National School Field, Okrika.

The lawyer turned politician warned that there will be no APC in Rivers State if Amaechi and his henchmen continue with their plan to exclude Senator Abe from the internal politics of the party.

Boms, a sworn opponent of the current Minister of Transportation declared at the rally addressed by Senator Abe in Okrika, “If there is no Magnus Abe  in APC Rivers State, there will be no APC this time around.”

Boms: “Bring somebody who knows our culture and tradition.”

The Ikwerre – born politician who asked to be quoted said Rotimi Amaechi has no right to hoist  his business partner on Rivers people.

“Bring somebody who knows our culture and tradition and not your business partner”, Boms told the Minister.

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Abe who is aspiring to govern Rivers State on the platform of the APC stressed Rivers people are not slaves.

“I have said it before and want to say it again, that Rivers people have never been slaves to anybody and nobody no matter the amount of money he has, nobody can enslave us here in Rivers State. We can chart our own destiny.

“Let me assure you all that the road ahead will not be easy but you have the power, the capacity and audacity and I know that we can do it. We will do it and we’ll win”, Abe emphasized.

He went on, “I will present myself to the Rivers people and if they decide to choose a better person over me through a transparent process, I will support that person.

Abe, Amaechi, when the going was good.

“We must have a clear and transparent process. But if they bring somebody through a Kangaroo process, we will not accept. We will challenge it”.

Urging APC leaders to forge a common and united front, the governorship aspirant said everyone is required to create a true fighting force that can challenge the PDP.

“As far as possible, we must be able to work together to bring our party together.

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“Let us not deceive ourselves; this party needs everybody to be able to succeed. We must be able to make room for one another.”

“We must be able to accommodate one another”, Abe stated, “In politics disagreements are normal and it is expected.

“What is not normal in politics, is hatred such as people have been preaching amongst us here, the Rivers people.

“Whether you are APC or PDP; whether you are with Magnus or with Amaechi, you are a Rivers man. You are the proud son of your father and your mother.

“You deserve the best and the reason why we are doing politics is so that we can offer you the best.

“That is why I am here. We have a track record of saying something and standing by what we said.”

A former member of the Rivers State House of Assembly and stalwart of the APC, Hon. Golden Ben Chioma, said members of the party in the state have unanimously agreed to support the presidential aspiration of the party’s national leader, Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu.

  Golden Ben-Chioma.. in love with Tinubu.

“All of us gathered here have decided to support Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu for the post of President.

“We all love what he did in Lagos as governor and we’re convinced that he can replicate that in Nigeria”.

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