Nigerians are tired of empty political promises, an APC Presidential aspirant, Dave Umahi, Governor of Ebonyi State has emphasized

Umahi who appeared on ‘Politics Today’ broadcast on Channels Television Thursday night said there was really no need for politicians to bore Nigerians with unattainable promises.

Turning to the fight against insecurity in the country, Umahi said he prefers a bottom – top approach to solving the problem.

The Governor revealed that if he is given the mandate he would allow the swift introduction of state police and the use of vigilante groups in the rural areas to tackle the nation’s instability.

He explained that Ebonyi State is largely peaceful today as a result of the operation of vigilante groups, which are saddled at the grassroots level with the responsibility of promoting law and order.

Umahi however said such groups under the law passed by the Ebonyi State House of Assembly are not allowed to take the law into their hands.

Speaking about his ambition and why he wants to be the president, he said the country requires “an engineer” that will be trusted with the task of handling the construction work.

He said politicians and others who want to eat when the food is cooked can then sit at the table.

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“If you are looking for money bags”, the Governor remarked, “I am not there”, but he said he has a clear vision of what to do to salvage Nigeria.

Asked what his reaction is to the issue of zoning now that four northern aspirants have joined the race, he said that the Governors of Southern Nigeria, including those from the Middle Belt, have asked that power should leave the North.

But he said that only the South East “has never produced a president” in the “entire southern Nigeria.”

He disclosed that before he exited from the PDP, he had warned his colleagues that the “headmaster” from the North in the party would not allow a powershift to the South.

He said he was roundly attacked and abused even by his own brothers, but he observed, “all that I predicted has come to pass.”

“Where is the equity and justice”, he asked if the South East is not allowed to produce the president if power shifts to the South?

He said where the East is denied the opportunity to contest the presidency, those who are talking in the South about the entry of the four northerners into the race would only be forging the “conspiracy for blackmailing the North.”

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