Governor Nyesom Wike of the PDP: We'll enter a deal

Nigeria’s New Naira Notes: Will RSG team up with Kaduna, Kogi and Zamfara in the Supreme Court against FG, CBN? 

Nigeria’s New Naira Notes: Will RSG team up with Kaduna, Kogi and Zamfara in the Supreme Court against FG, CBN? 

By PHC Telegraph

Will the Rivers State Government join in the fight to save Nigeria from what some say is an impending catastrophe if utmost care is not taken?

The Rivers Governor, Nyesom Wike thinks so. Already, the Government has indicated that it will join the suit challenging the posture of the Federal Government and the CBN on the implementation of the naira redesign policy.

Governor Nyesom Wike speaking during the PDP rally which held in Abua/Odual Local Government Area

Governor Nyesom made the declaration while speaking at a PDP rally in Abua/Odual Local Government Area on Wednesday.

What a crowd! Teeming PDP members from the area who thronged the venue of the rally to reaffirm their faith in the PDP.

Wike commended the governments of the three states for standing up on behalf of the Nigerian masses at a time of great tribulation.

The Governor lauded the Supreme Court for its timely intervention, saying its action has proved that it is the last hope of the common man.

Wike alluded that the Supreme Court has saved both the Nigerian masses and the country’s democracy by restraining the Central Bank of Nigeria from implementing the February 10 deadline.

Godwin Emefiele, Governor of the Central Bank may have become an enemy of the Nigerian people who want cash, but can’t find same in abundance in banks.

Wike noted that if the Apex Court had not intervened by issuing the exparte motion, the forthcoming election could have been stalled.

The Governor appealed to the people to preserve their Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs), urging them on voting day to vote for the candidates of the PDP at the state level.

On February 10, which is fast approaching, the old N200, N500 and N1000 naira notes would have ceased to be legal tender in Nigeria.

Across the country, protesters have started to assemble on the streets. In Benin, Ibadan, Ore and Abeokuta, there were visible signs of anger.

In Port Harcourt, Bankers working at a commercial bank at Rumuokoro reportedly scaled the fence and escaped from the premises when some depositors resorted to self help.

Recall that at Katsina and Kano, angry mobs pelted the President and his entourage with stones.

Meeting behind closed doors: President Muhammadu Buhari meets with Godwin Emefiele, the Governor Central Bank of Nigeria, Governor Aminu Tambuwal, Chairman of Nigerian Governors Forum and Governor Bagudu, Chairman of the Progressives Governors Forum.

This situation, many say, may have forced three states to approach the Supreme Court.

Lawyers and other groups have been reacting to the pronouncement of the Supreme Court.

A group of campaigners operating under the guise of an amalgam of Civil Society Organisations led by one Obed Okwukwe on Wednesday, 8th February cast serious aspersions on the integrity of the Apex Court.

Okwukwe said the CSOs had just learnt while selling their agenda for Nigeria that the Supreme Court had granted an exparte motion.

Alleging that the Supreme Court lacks the jurisdiction to hear the matter brought before it by the governments of Kaduna, Kogi and Zamfara, the group absolved civil society groups of any involvement in alleged plans to host nationwide protests.

The CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele in a handshake with Governor Aminu Tambuwal, Sokoto State Governor at the meeting which held at the Presidential Villa.

But senior lawyers who have been reviewing the decision of the Supreme Court say the apex court acted well within its limits.

Hammed Shittu, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, while speaking on Channels Television hailed the Supreme Court for taking preemptive steps to prevent what could have led to immense suffering on the part of most Nigerians.

Mike Ozokheme, another Senior Advocate explained that the action taken by the Supreme Court was intended to protect the Res of the matter.

He said the exparte order delivered by the court did not suggest in any way that it has ruled on the matter before it.

Many still wonder where the group of CSOs which openly took potshots at the Supreme Court on Arise News got funds for a live coverage.

Is it possible members of the CSOs paid millions of naira for the live coverage? Was the slot donated by Arise? Could it have been bankrolled by somebody seeking to protect the actions of the CBN, particularly that of its Governor, Godwin Emefiele, who is believed to be part of the cabal that is running Nigeria? Could it have been certain political interests at work?

Nobody is sure. What is however certain is that the Supreme Court will commence hearing on the matter on the 15th of February, 2023, five days after the February 10 deadline could have taken hold.

But fingers are gradually being pointed at Nduka Ogbaigbena, Publisher of ThisDay and owner of Arise.

Well placed sources are accusing him of allegedly authoring a position paper on Fulani interests in Nigeria which purportedly found its way to the Presidency.

That paper is believed to have purportedly posited that only the candidate of the PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar could be trusted to protect Fulani interests after President Muhammadu Buhari leaves office.

Sources say Mamman Daura whose name is gradually being linked to the cabal and the plot to stop the South from producing a president did not show interest in the Ogbaigbena script at first.

A powerful Nigerian from the North is however believed to have approached Daura and reportedly convinced him to back the plot against the South.

In Nigeria, there are too many accounts, especially about the existence of some conspiracy theories.

Again, no one is sure which account is correct.

Governor Nyesom Wike had months ago warned Nigerians about a leader of a cabal in the APC controlled Presidency that is working closely with Atiku Abubakar to realize his ambition to govern the country.

A few days ago, Governor Nasir El-Rufai added his voice, saying the cabal is working to scuttle the chances of his party’s presidential candidate and the aspirations of the South.

As the elections draw close and Nigerians groan over funds and fuel scarcity, there are fears that the country may be seated on a keg of gunpowder.

Will the conspirators allegedly working behind the scene to discredit the APC prevail, or will Nigeria’s interest as a nation survive?

These are questions that Nigerians are seeking answers to at this time as the people prepare to cast their votes.

In the meantime, the INEC Chairman, Professor Mahmud Yakubu, has held discussions with the Presidency.

Chairman of INEC, Professor Mahmud Yakubu expresses concern over fuel shortage.

The meeting was intended to brief the Presidency on INEC’s readiness to conduct the forthcoming elections.

Yakubu is said to have acknowledged that the fuel situation in the country may be an impediment to the Commission’s plan to organize incident free elections.

With the Rivers State Government showing interest in the suit that is pending at the Supreme Court more States may likely indicate their interest at this defining moment.

Already, the Nigerian Governors Forum has asked for an extension of time to enable more Nigerians return their old currencies in exchange for new ones.

Sokoto State Governor, Aminu Tambuwal who heads the forum wrote the request asking both the Federal Government and the CBN to slow down.

As things are, intense national attention is turning to the Supreme Court, where in a few days time, legal arguments would commence.

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