Ex-Governor Nyesom Wike extols Ohna Sergeant Awuse, describes him as Ikwerre's pathfinder

Rivers Govt: Wike’s children safe and doing well

Rivers Govt: Wike’s children safe and doing well

Governor Nyesom Wike turns the target of perceived political enemies on the prowl.

“This is a big lie by evil people”, Chris Finebone,  Rivers State Commissioner for Information and Communications said Wednesday in Port Harcourt,  the Rivers State capital.

Finebone was reacting to a fake report on social media which claimed that the son of the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has been killed in the United States.

“For the avoidance of doubt, Gov. Nyesom Wike has no son or child in the US”, the Rivers State Government statement said.

The statement  further revealed, “By the special grace of God, the governor’s children are safe and doing well where they are.”

The actual identity of the original author of the fake report which quickly went viral is not yet known.

Wike who stoutly defends what he clearly defines as the mainstream interest of the Rivers people appears to have stumbled on a number of enemies.

These enemies believe that his principled stance on national issues could have robbed them of critical opportunities and hurt their permanent interests.

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Iyorchia Ayu and Nyesom Wike, a battle fought to the very end. Atiku couldn’t pull off a win last Saturday. 

Apparently, what is playing out on the Rivers and national stage is strictly political. Many here agree with this line of thinking.

“The stakes are high and Wike has become a kind of stumbling bloc to those who want to have their way with everything”, a Port Harcourt resident told this publication.

“These people are so desperate,  so blood thirsty that they are willing to put an innocent child in harm’s way”, a middle aged woman noted, “I am a mother and a wife and what these people are saying or planning to do is not proper.

The fake report under reference is coming on the heels of a petition against Governor Wike signed by thousands of persons masquerading as activists but who may in the long run be associated with political intetests.

Peter Obi may have to fight another day. His supporters appear sngry they didn’t win.

The report equally disclosed that the son of the Rivers Governor was allegedly shot over his father’s alleged role in the just concluded Presidential and National Assembly elections.

In a statement entitled ‘Yet again, another lie’, sent to newsmen, Finebone said the governor neither has a son nor any child for that matter in the United States.

“This satanic rumour is yet another concoction by wicked people in their insidious quest to blackmail and tarnish the image of Gov. Wike”, the government statement emphasized.

Urging the public to “disregard and throw” the fake news “into the trash can where it belongs”, the statement added, “<span;>There is absolutely no truth in this cheap blackmail.”

The post captioned ‘Breaking news: Wike’s only son shot dead in California, US over father’s act in Rivers election’ has been widely read by netizens.

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