Governor Godwin Obaseki (L) and Philip Shaibu, Deputy Governor (R)

Edo’s ‘Roaring Tiger’ Begs For Mercy On Bent Knees

Edo’s ‘Roaring Tiger’ Begs For Mercy On Bent Knees

By PHC Telegraph 

Philip Shaibu addresses journalists in Benin city.


Philip Shaibu, Deputy Governor of Edo State who woke up one morning some weeks ago and challenged his boss to a duel has finally thrown his hands into the air in total surrender.

Shaibu who now has his back to the wall disclosed in a chat with journalists at his residence in Benin that he has engaged in dialogue with the State Governor in order to restore peaceful ties between them.

He revealed that he has appealed to Governor Obaseki to forgive him and forget whatever difference that may exist between them.

Apparently sounding remorseful, the Edo State Deputy who has been chased out of the Government House by his principal admitted that he has ernestly asked for mercy.

It is not yet clear if the briefing called by Shaibu to intimate the press of his plea for  understanding was part of the conditions reached.

The ‘infant terrible’ as many in Edo State now see him suddenly declared war on his principal, alleging there was a plot to impeach him.

Obaseki denied any such plan but expressed shock over the behaviour of the deputy governor.

Thereafter, he is believed to have put calls across to several persons, including the wife of the governor, vowing that he would fight his principal to a standstill.

Unfortunately, he did not appear to enjoy the sympathy of Edo people, especially members of the political opposition.

On his part, Governor Obaseki told the nation that his Deputy was planning to overthrow him.

Governor Godwin Obaseki (L) and Philip Shaibu, Deputy Governor (R).


Thursday night, Shaibu informed newsmen  that he has begged Governor Godwin Obaseki for forgiveness.

Despite the outcome of the talks between the two men, there are indications that Shaibu may not be returning to his former office.

Shaibu’s office, from all indications, has been given out to Alaghodaro, an investment outfit created by the governor.

According to memo dated September 18, 2023 which leaked on Thursday, the Edo Governor asked the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Osarodion Ogie, to speedily allocate the deputy governor’s office building to the trustees of Alaghodaro summit as their  Secretariat.

The chairman of Alaghodaro, through its secretary, had written to Obaseki for a permanent secretariat building to aid planning and logistics for the 2023 summit holding in the second week of November.

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