Rivers Political Crisis: Pro-Wike Forces Move To Revitalise GDI

Rivers Political Crisis: Pro-Wike Forces Move To Revitalise GDI

● As Fubara gradually makes inroads in a bid to build a political base across ethnic lines

By PHC Telegraph

The Grassroots Development Initiative, GDI, founded by Barrister Nyesom Wike when he was preparing years ago to contest for the governorship seat in Rivers State has embarked on a membership revalidation exercise.

Leaders of the group drawn from the ward and LGA levels in the Rivers East Senatorial District gathered for the exercise on Friday at Isiokpo, headquarters of the Ikwerre Local Government Area.

The Port Harcourt Telegraph understands that local government and ward executives were put in place at the weekend to pilot the affairs of the body.

Over the years, the GDI which has emerged as a formidable force in Rivers politics has been engaged in grassroots mobilization.

It would be recalled that the organisation which has spread its tentacles beyond the shores of the State campaigned vigorously for the election of Governor Siminalayi Fubara.

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Barrister Nyesom Wike and his ‘godson’, Gov Siminalayi Fubara fight for the control of the soul of Rivers State.


Insiders reveal that the move is part of ongoing efforts by the Wike camp to quickly rebrand the organisation as the politics of Rivers State enters a new phase.

The clash between Governor Fubara and the Minister of the FCT has threatened the unity of the political family that once fought on the same side.

Despite the implementation of the peace deal, a cold war is being fought behind the scene between supporters of the Governor and the Minister.

Already, serious alignments and far reaching realignments are being forged at the moment, with both Wike and Fubara intensifying efforts to solidify their political bases and woo new friends.

Fubara who firmly has control of the reins of power in his capacity as the Governor is reportedly making political inroads in parts of the State.

The PDP in Rivers has become sharply divided at this time according to the picture that is emerging while the attention of the gladiators is shifting increasingly in the direction of the opposition parties where fighting is equally going on in-house.

Most who are purportedly gravitating in the direction of the Fubara camp are youthful elements who have latched unto the “dey your day” slogan introduced by supporters of the Governor.

Our survey indicates that several pro-Sim groups are popping up even though those supporting the Wike camp are from the look of things still strong on ground.

Thus far, there are many on the fence in Rivers State who are yet to make up their minds despite the intensity of political maneuvers and the fight between the godfather and his godson.

These people, including active politicians who have not taken sides, would become targets of mobilization teams on both sides that are struggling to attract new converts.

How many dem dey, why we no go win dem, how many dem dey“, is a chant that has long been associated with pro-Wike groups.

Now may be the time to hold the ground, to prove as they say in Rivers politics, “there is “no shaking.” 

The GDI has rolled out its war machine and embarked on a revalidation drive. Many are waiting to see what the response of the Fubara team would be.

President Bola Tinubu may have brokered peace, but underneath, strong political currents which may point the direction of the future are flowing as politicians fight for space and political relevance.

President Bola Tinubu, architect of the peace accord that has created room for the peace that exists on the surface in Rivers.


As things are, there is ‘fire on the mountain, a big big fire’. Soon, it will spread downhill while those with very little appetite for the pushing and shoving that is going on will ‘run, run, run’.

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