Governor Siminalayi Fubara was not present at the chieftaincy installation ceremony.

Pro-Sim Supporters Report Violence In Etche

Pro-Sim Supporters Report Violence In Etche

By PHC Telegraph


Reports emanating from Afara in the Etche Local Government Area of Rivers State say that the venue of a thanksgiving service planned to celebrate Gov. Siminalayi Fubara’s victory at the Supreme Court has been attacked.

According to what we have learnt, the attack may have taken place around 5.00am in the early hours of Sunday.

Eyewitnesses who thronged the venue after shots were fired said some of the things which were to be used during the ceremony such as canopies, chairs and public address systems were allegedly burnt.

Our information indicates that despite the destruction which was visited on the venue, the worship session attended by Sim supporters may have taken place at the village Catholic Church.

The Port Harcourt Telegraph put a call across to one of the leaders who confirmed that they were indeed in church.

The leader also hinted that the State Governor was expected to join them in Afara for the thanksgiving service.

We are yet to know who was behind the attack or why they struck, but pro-sim forces are describing the incident on social media as the handiwork of pro-Wike operatives.

Anti-Fubara groups are not taking such allegations against Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, lying down.

Wike, they say, has nothing to do with what has transpired. They say it is an attempt to call a dog a bad name.

The Minister who was on hand on Saturday to attend the thanksgiving of Senator Barry Mpigi in Koroma Tai also attended birthday events at the homes of Olaka Nwogu and the Okochas.

Some people who spoke to this medium are even thinking that the entire thing may have been stage managed just to draw some public attention, attract public sympathy and earn cheap publicity.

How It All Began:

Gover Siminalayi Fubara of Rivers State and his lieutenants in the Etche Local Government Area.


Our information suggests that members of the pro-Sim group in Etche had set up the stage  on Saturday for Sunday’s thanksgiving service in Afara.

Throughout the night, local security groups engaged by the Sim team kept vigil at the venue.

But as dawn gradually crept in, gunshots were allegedly heard in the vicinity.

As men ran helter-skelter to get out of harm’s way, unknown persons gained access into the arena and allegedly burnt down the canopies and other things that were in sight.

It would be the second time that volunteers seemingly working for the governor will be attacked in the State.

Recall that the first attack took place at Ahoada East Local Government Area where a similar praise session and a thanksgiving unto the Lord was to be held.

Insiders say what Sim supporters see as a threat to employ violent tactics against them began at Opobo soon as the Supreme Court gave its verdict.

A group of misguided youths in public glare recklessly marched to billboards which had the face of the former governor and brought them down in a very distasteful manner.

Insiders hinted this publication that attempts that are possibly being made to shakedown Sim’s avowed supporters may be traceable to this singular incident in the Governor’s stronghold.

But there is no evidence in the open suggesting that Wike has given any order to anyone to avenge what many around him may see as Sim’s alleged insults to the leader.

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