Fake Paracetamol Injections Flood Nigeria

... How Nigerians are falsifying the original made in China

Fake Paracetamol Injections Flood Nigeria

By PHC Telegraph

The National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has warned Nigerians to stay clear of an injection that is being peddled by fake medicine sellers as an antibiotic drug.

NAFDAC said in a statement that it has discovered a paracetamol brand that has been deliberately mislabeled by mischief makers engaged in the sale of drugs in order to make quick money and endanger the lives of patients.

The statement issued about 20 hours ago said the agency is “informing the public of the sale of a falsified Paracetamol Injection mislabelled as  Paracetamol Injection 300mg/2ml I.M I.V Aminoglycoside Antibacterial.”

NAFDAC revealed that the product which is already being sold in the open to unsuspecting members of the public by fake drug dealers was discovered  by its Post-Marketing Surveillance Unit based in Abuja.

According to NAFDAC, its officials embarked on a laboratory analysis of the falsified product and  “the result of analysis conducted on the product by NAFDAC Laboratory Kaduna showed that the product contained only paracetamol.”

“Paracetamol Injection”, the agency further explained, “is an analgesic and antipyretic used to treat mild to moderate pain and to reduce fever.

“It is not an Aminoglycoside Antibacterial as labeled on the product. Aminoglycosides are a class of antibiotics used to treat serious infections caused by bacteria that are difficult to treat.”

Why the number of fake drugs in the marketplace is on the increase still remains difficult to appreciate given the sensitive nature of the human body and ongoing efforts to eradicate such evil practices.

“The genuine Paracetamol Injection 300mg/2ml I.M I.V” NAFDAC disclosed, “is manufactured by Shandong Shenglu Pharm. Co. Ltd, China, and marketed by Sifam Life Care Pharmaceutical Ltd, Kano, Nigeria.

“It is registered by NAFDAC as an analgesic and not aminoglycoside antibacterial. The Certificate of Registration Holder (Sifam Life Care Pharmaceutical Ltd) has confirmed the product to be a falsified paracetamol injection.”

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