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Tinubu To Unite Kidnap Victims In Bornu and Kaduna With Their Families

Tinubu To Unite Kidnap Victims In Bornu And Kaduna With Their Families

● Directs security agencies to bring victims home at all cost

By PHC Telegraph

President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Bola Tinubu has directed all security and intelligence agencies operating in the North East and the Northwest to neutralize desperate kidnappers who are holding some innocent Nigerians hostage.

Tinubu issued the directive, following the abduction of some persons in Bornu and Kaduna States by unknown persons.

The President who expressed optimism that Nigeria’s security agencies will soon rescue kidnap victims held in the two states and send them back home to join their families.

“I have received briefings from security chiefs on the two incidents in Borno and Kaduna”,  Tinubu  wrote on his official X handle, “and I am confident that the victims will be rescued.”

Assuring Nigerians that “justice will be decisively administered”, Tinubu remarked, “Nothing else is acceptable to me and the waiting family members of these abducted citizens.

“To this end, I have directed security and intelligence agencies to immediately rescue the victims and ensure that justice is served against the perpetrators of these abominable acts.

“I sympathize with the families of the victims, and assure them that they would soon be reunited with their loved ones.”

Many Nigerians are hoping security agents will be able to catch up with the gangsters that are making life unsafe the North East and North West.

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