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Nigeria’s Axis Of Evil Unmasked

Nigeria’s Axis Of Evil Unmasked

● Nigerians can now attach names, faces, to organizations and people sponsoring terror

By PHC Telegraph

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu breaks new grounds in the fight against terrorism.

The Federal Government has unmasked the faces of individuals and organizations that have been busy sponsoring terroristic activities across the country.

A breakdown of the list of terror sponsors who work with groups that have been terrorizing Nigerians show nine out of 16 entities exposed by the office of the Attorney General of the federation are individuals while six are Bureau de Change (BDC) outlets used to transmit funds to terrorists.

Those placed on Nigeria’s sanction watch are Tukur Mamu, a newspaper proprietor, Yusuf Ghazali, Muhammad Sani, Abubakar Muhammad, Sallamudeen Hassan and Adamu Ishak.

Others who made it to the sanction list include Hassana-Oyiza Isah, Abdulkareem Musa and Umar Abdullahi.

The six BDCs tracked relentlessly by security operatives are: West and East Africa General Trading Company Limited, Settings Bureau De Change Ltd, G. Side General Enterprises, Desert Exchange Ventures Limited, Eagle Square General Trading Company Limited and Alfa Exchange BDC.

For years, despite serious threats to the country’s national security, the Nigerian Government has been unable to muster the political will to publicly put out names of suspected sponsors of terrorism.

The release of the names of such suspects by the Tinubu administration after years of official procrastination has come as a huge surprise.

It is is being seen in some circles across the country as evidence of the resolve of the Federal Government to tackle terror based matters from the root rather than treating mere symptoms on the surface.

The Port Harcourt Telegraph understands that the move to unveil the faces of chief sponsors of terrorism may turn the tide of the war.

It says that it may enhance the way foreign governments perceive Nigeria and equally strengthen their resolve to share vital security  information that may shoot down the advantage that insurgents and their  collaborators are enjoying.

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