Governor Nyesom Wike may be wining and dining at Government House, Port Harcourt, over Obaseki’s victory in Edo which is being attributed to him by his admirers, but a moment of realism now awaits him.

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, under his watch as leader in Rivers State is gradually falling apart. Party members are getting increasingly restive, angry and frustrated, and some of them are gradually beginning to show it in the open.

Penultimate Thursday, Hon. John Bazia, a colourful politician, one-time Commissioner and a close friend of Governor Nyesom Wike from Tai Local Government Area jumped ship.

Bazia who has become flustered over Wike’s handling of affairs dumped his old friend and the PDP and joined forces with his kith and kin in the APC.

The former member of the State House of Assembly was received by the Leader of the APC in Tai, Dr Bellam Ndegwe.

Efforts made by Governor Wike to stop Bazia from leaving did not work according to information that this publication has gathered. Bazia had accompanied Amaechi to Ubima when he arrived the State for the burial of his senior brother, Charles Amaechi.

The news filtered out to Government House which set its machinery in motion to counter the exit of the politician who had stood close to Wike on his way to power in 2015.

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A PDP insider disclosed, “Wike made every move to get Bazia to abandon his understanding with the Minister of Transportation. I can tell you promises, big promises were made to Bazia, but the man stuck to his gun.”

Elsewhere in Oyigbo, Chisom Promise Dike, a member of the National Assembly representing Tai/Eleme/Oyigbo Federal Constituency has similarly abandoned the PDP.

He is officially waiting to declare his support for the APC, with over 5000 supporters.
Dike who refused to collect Wike’s car gift said the welfare of his constituents is more important than a car gift.

He is not alone.

Many of Dike’s colleagues in the National Assembly are contemplating dumping Governor Wike and the PDP.

Already, Ephraim Nwuzi, member representing Etche/Omuma in the House of Representatives has publicly abandoned Governor Wike.

Nwuzi was the arrowhead of Wike’s gubernatorial bid in Etche and Omuma and many agree he was the closest to the governor from that ethnic group.
Angry PDP members across the State say the Governor has become adept in using and dumping close associates. Most members of the umbrella party are pained by his romance with APC top shots.

There are unconfirmed reports that some APC chieftains are on the Governor’s pay role. They are the ones that are being used to stir crisis within the opposition party. Some recently crossed over to the PDP, but there serious indications that some may still be embedded within the APC.

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What is seen as Wike’s “I-don’t-care-attitude” has created deep-seated animosity against him within the ruling PDP. Insiders accuse him of being overbearing and brash. They say the worst is his lack of respect for the party and his followership.

“You can imagine! The other day he invited us to Government House to tell us how he likes to fight”, a party official who is contemplating leaving said, “We we were wondering if he was talking to his children. The man is losing it”

According to what the Port Harcourt Telegraph has pieced together a political tsunami is likely to shake the foundation of the PDP.  We have discovered that quite a lot of well placed PDP chieftains, some of them close associates of the Governor, are waiting for the right moment to throw in the towel.

“The man has become too dictatorial. He no longer listens to anyone”, a high ranking PDP member revealed. How can we continue to follow a man who thinks party members don’t matter?”
“We made a mistake. This is the time to repair that mistake”, another furious PDP member added.

It appears that Governor Wike has murdered sleep. Everywhere, people are gradually challenging him.

Rivers workers who hitherto had great sympathy for the Obio/Akpor born political tactician are pulling away. Most workers in the State do not want to hear the name of the Governor mentioned.

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Recall that they took him to task over unpaid entitlements and allowances. It took a last minute effort to stop a crippling strike which could have seriously undermined Wike’s administration and dented the public image that he has managed to portray outside the State.

The wave of discontent within the Rivers PDP which is reaching breaking point is being fueled by the way the State Governor conducted the last party Congress. Most heavyweights in the party were denied the opportunity to produce officials of their ward and local governments.

Wike’s plot to keep the APC permanently divided, it would appear, is beginning to fail. Before now, PDP members were wary to cross over to the APC because of this singular reason.

Now, they no longer care about what is transpiring in the APC. They are gradually moving over. Many in the PDP are lauding those who have broken out and taken destiny into their own hands.

They similarly say they would take their turn soon and flee from the house that Wike built before it is too late.