There is an ongoing power squabble within the PDP in Etche Local Government Area over which of the clans would present the next council chairman.

Under the Constitution, the incumbent Chairman, Obinna Anyanwu is supposed to have a second tenure.

But opponents of the Chairman who have turned radio stations and the social media into campaign grounds, perhaps to catch the attention of party chieftains within the State capital, are insisting that the occupant of the office has not performed creditably.

The emergence of Obinna Anyanwu, son of Prince Emma Anyanwu who is the leader of the party in the area has lent credence to the fact that the chairmanship was zoned to Ulakwo/Umuselem clan.

A new dimension is however been added to the power struggle, with people from the Ozuzu clan insisting it is their turn to produce a council chairman.

Accounts being peddled on radio and the social media show that of all the clans, only Ozuzu is yet to produce an elected chairman.

The growing emphasis on the issue of an elected chairman presupposes that Ozuzu clan has enjoyed the benefit of producing Caretaker committee chairmen.

Among those from Ozuzu clan who have tasted chairmanship at the Caretaker Committee level are Dr Ihejirika, Mike Amadi and Mrs Okey Amadi.

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But within Ulakwo/Umuselem, there is the argument that if Obinna Anyanwu cannot return for whatever reason, the clan should be allowed to produce another aspirant.

What the yardstick for measuring the performance of Anyanwu  is remains unclear.
Somehow, the campaign against him is gathering momentum while his sympathizers are not equally resting.

There are however strong speculations that the ongoing fight over council chairmanship in Etche is between factions loyal to Prince Emma Anyanwu and Allwell Onyeso.

Before Anyanwu ascended office as Council Chairman, one Eugene Nwankwo from Odogwa who later relocated to his real birth place in Abia State had served as chairman.

He was elevated to that position during the administration of Governor Peter Odili. Etche lost but Abia State gained in the end.

In the meantime, the war rages on various mass communications platforms. Reports say Obinna Anyanwu is getting ready to run for a second tenure.

No one is sure when the bitter acrimony would end, or how it would be resolved.
It is becoming more evident that the fight would become even more intense in the days to come.

Already, the tendency emerging indicates that the PDP might be too polarized, with the APC transforming possibly into the ultimate gainer when the time comes.

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