Abe may be collaborating with PDP – Chris Mba

A former member of the Rivers State House of Assembly, Chris Mba has accused Senator Magnus Abe  and his Co – travellers of collaborating with the PDP.

Mba who spoke to the Telegraph shortly after he switched loyalty confirmed the allegation, saying most leaders of the group were in touch with Governor Wike and the PDP.

The Andoni-born politician revealed that worked tirelessly behind the scene to convince the Senator and his friends to reconcile their perceived differences and abandon acts of treachery in the overall  interest of the APC.

Mba also confirmed in course of the interview that as part of the plan to destabilise the APC,  Abe’s team was planning to collaborate with the PDP during the Local Government elections by fielding candidates in defiance of the position  of the APC.

He said that only the party led by Isaac Ogbobula had the right to present the official position of the APC, emphasising as a lawyer that Abe and his Co – travellers were to pick other party platforms to field candidates in the local elections.
The Telegraph would be serving its readers with full details of Chris Mba’s interview.

Meanwhile, Mba who defected from the Abe group said while declaring support for the Minister of Transportation and the APC in Port Harcourt Wednesday, that he discovered Senator Abe was busy pursuing personal gain while misleading some unsuspecting members of the party who are under his spell.

He disclosed that Senator Abe had no interest in a peaceful resolution of the crisis that is being stoked in the APC, saying Abe and his henchmen were on a mission of destabilisation.

“I have apologised to the  leader for all that I have done” Mba said, stressing he has returned to join all other well meaning members to ensure the victory of the party.

Listen to the video of what the former lawmaker who served with Amaechi in

the Rivers State House of Assembly had to say while dumping Senator Abe:

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