Nnamani pushes for Nigeria’s restructuring

A former President of the Senate from the South East, Senator Ken Nnamani has called for the implementation of some of the recommendations contained in a report of a national conference drawn up in 2014.

Nnamani who spoke on Channels Television Friday said there were recommendations in that document which could help to address some of the teething problems facing the nation.

He said there was nothing wrong with the idea of restructuring Nigeria, saying restructuring would not lead to the dismemberment of the country as some persons posit.

Senator Nnamani who participated in the conference convoked by the Jonathan administration said the term “restructuring” could be properly defined in order to remove certain ambiguities and misconceptions which have made it a no go area by the Nigerian authorities.

The former President of the Senate appealed to the Federal Government to give the matter a thought and consider implementing some of the recommendations which arose from that conference.

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