The APC says its decision to back out of the local government elections organized by the Rivers State Independent Electoral Commission,  RSIEC, has been justified.

Spokesman for the APC, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke said in a statement made available to the press that the phantom votes announced by RSIEC  do not reflect the actual statistics of what happened on ground. 

He also said those figures were not a true reflection of the position of the people of Rivers State who boycotted voting in their numbers.

The  APC observed that it was clear from public reactions that the Rivers people are tired of being hoodwinked by the Wike administration. 

It re-emphasized that the decision not to participate in the sham elections called by Governor Wike and his acolytes has been justified by the run of events.

“We were clear from the outset that the Justice Omereji led RSIEC would not be trusted to organize credible elections that are free, fair and just”, the APC remarked.

It further stated, “We were compelled at the time to look at the track record of the retired judge.

“Here is a judge who did everything in the book to deliver phoney decisions against the APC.

“The position to nominate him to head the State Electoral Commission was a reward for his perversion of the law.

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“We are satisfied that in delivering judgement on the impasse within the party,  the Supreme Court has demolished those ridiculous decisions that Justice Omereji and others like him shamelessly cooked up.”

Giving its analysis of the situation, the APC stressed, “the people last Saturday rejected the LG elections organised by the retired Judge” which was “supervised by Governor Wike. Across Rivers State, people did not turn out to vote.”

“The election was a complete sham and the votes that have been hurriedly assembled in an election that PDP members did not participate do not reflect the position of the Rivers people” , the added.

Public condemnation has trailed the conduct of last Saturday’s local government elections in the State, with most political parties expressing serious indignation over what they describe as the shameful conduct of RSIEC.

There are increasing calls for Justice George Omereji to throw in the towel by some citizens who believe that the performance of the State Electoral Commission was despecable.

Reactions from the social media have more or less been targeted against Governor Nyesom Wike whose idea of a guided democracy has been roundly rejected.

A Port Harcourt  Telegraph  Correspondent reports most residents disagree with the volume of votes churned out after the elections were boycotted.

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The outcome of the elections was predictable. The PDP won overwhelmingly.