Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka has explained how the attempt by the Catholic Church to blank him out for 30 days failed.

The Reverend Father offered the explanation for his disapearance from public after he regained his freedom from the sanctuary of the Catholic church.

Initially, information relating to the priest’s whereabouts was sketchy, with many concerned groups including Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo, pointing accusing fingers at the Federal Government.

In the midst of the confusion as well as the restiveness on the street which may evolved from fears of a conspiracy theory involving the Federal authorities, the DSS issued a statement saying it was not in any way connected with the disappearance of the priest.

So, if the security agencies where not responsible, who then could have abducted the Reverend Father?

Journalists poured over details, talking to valuable sources and monitoring events in the Coal City.

The Nation, quoting BBC’s Pidgin English Service, reported hours after it had published the story of the priest’s purported disappearance that Mbaka had been spotted in an open-roofed car in Enugu waving to ecstatic crowds.

Mbaka had dropped out of sight on Wednesday, 5th May, 2021, prompting widespread concerns about his personal safety.

But there are however, indications that the encounter with the church, following what could be the raging conflict between the priest and the Federal authorities, began on Tuesday, the 4th of May, 2021.

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As events were playing out, residents and parishioners stormed the Catholic facility which houses the Bishop, Calistus Onaga,  asking the church for the Reverend Father.

Not many Nigerians understood  the reason why protesters stormed the Catholic compound Wednesday.

Unknown to most Nigerians, the Catholic institution in Enugu had ‘conscripted’ Mbaka and imposed a 30-day period of silence.

The Reverend Father was expected under the plan to engage in prayers and avoid public contact.

Nonetheless, it is not clear if the response of the church was part of a vran to avert the growing controversy involving the priest and the Federal Government.

But the fiery priest whose political prophecies have not failed since the Jonathan era attributed the terse situation which developed around Enugu and across the country to the intransigence of his superiors in the Catholic church who wanted him out of public view, possibly at all cost.

Rev Fr Mbaka who is the spiritual director of the Adoration Ministry hinted that Bishop Calistus Onaga ordered him to leave adoration ground parish house and maintain an atmosphere of silence for 30 days.

“During the meeting with Bishop and others, I begged them to allow me to attend the “E no dey again” programme so I will tell my people that we are having a house prayer for 30 days”, Mbaka revealed, “but they said no. I made another request for them to appoint another priest to celebrate mass today but they declined”.

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“I appreciate your patience, endurance, incomparable love, unquestionable solidarity and unique identification and commitment to God in this ministry.

“God will keep you, bless you and it shall be well with you. You people have been looking for me, look at me here”, an appreciative Reverend Father remarked

“I wasn’t with my phone because I decided to go in to pray to avoid dissonance at that time. The miracle is that at the time I was with my phone calls were coming from here and there that you people were heading to Bishop’s court and Cathedral.

“Immediately I asked the group that I spoke with to ask you to go back. They insisted that they must see me otherwise they will not go. I spoke with them on video call but never knew they are over 47 groups.

“I thought that having blessed the first group that they have gone. It was at that moment that I started receiving calls. I told them I cannot go anywhere unless I hear from my Bishop”, Mbaka concluded.

Within the Christian community, prayer is seen as a potent weapon, particularly at, a time of adversity.

“Mbaka may have been invited by the priest to hold prayers for 30 days and seek the face of the Lord”, a Catholic in Port Harcourt told the Port Harcourt Telegraph.

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“As you know, we Catholics are very conservative. There are things that good Catholics cannot take. One of these is an assault to the priesthood.

“As much as possible, we do not like anything that diminishes our hard earned reputation. But I do not believe that the action of the church was a silent rebuke of Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka.”

Mbaka’s ‘birds of the air’ may have flown when they were let loose in the name of the APC prior to the 2015 presidential election.

Now, Mbaka has of late flown in a different direction, away from the government whose victory he predicted.

“There is hope in Imo State,” the Man of God had predicted long before Hope Uzodimma was pronounced Governor.

With the way things are, the Spiritual Director of the Adoration Ministry has obviously stopped to adore the Imo Governor, following the killing of Ikonso.