There are, strong indications that a path which may reduce rivalry, unnecessary bickering and internal crisis within the APC is being cleared.

The plan, if all goes as planned, would allow for the adoption of a consensus arrangement in the conduct of forthcoming congresses in Rivers and other states spread across the country.

Already, the move which is being sponsored by the party’s National Secretariat in Abuja is gradually receiving the support of major stakeholders in the party.

Although most of the country, including the political class have been celebrating the Eid-El-kabir festivities, the National Secretariat has been working round the clock in order to create a conducive environment for the election of party officials.

Now,  the National Secretariat is persuading its chapters in the States in line with the provisions of the APC Constitution to adopt the consensus approach, meaning it is willing beyond creating a level playing field to encourage political collaboration.

The National Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, Senator John Akpanudoedehe who disclosed the party’s intention said the prospect of electing officials at all levels through the consensus approach would prove useful.

The implication is that those within the party who prefer a – winner – takes – it – all option which may prove the primacy of certain groups within the party may have to wait.

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Akpanudoedehe argued that the party’s leadership is concerned with the idea of accommodating the interests of incoming and already established members in its fold.

“We have more and more governors from opposition political parties, especially the PDP, who are coming to join us with thousands of their supporters”, the National Secretary told the Punch.

“We have to make room for them. While doing so, we don’t want to take steps to push out those who are already within.

“Party administration is the most complex because you are dealing with diverse ethnicities, religious and cultural differences.”

Quite a number of prominent leaders of the party have been consulted, according to what we have learnt.

Our sources reveal that Akpanudoedehe is currently at the centre of the effort to promote understanding and frustrate attempts by the PDP to influence disagreements within the ranks and file of the APC in some states in the federation.

The posture of the National Secretariat completely dismisses claims by some APC leaders who are denying the involvement of external forces in the exercebation of burning disagreements in states such as Rivers.

Senator Magnus Abe who is accused in some quarters of sharing close ties with members of the opposition in his home state rather heaped the blame for some of his recent comments on the Minister of Transportation.

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So far, Abe is crying foul and creating the impression that supporters of Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi are behind attempts to suppress his supporters.

Amaechi’s supporters insist that Abe’s tales are lies from the pit of hell.

They say what is playing out is part of an old script that is well known, saying that the attempt to demonize the Minister of Transportation is not unconnected with a propaganda strategy.

But the APC leadership at the centre believes obstacles that may be placed on the way could be overcome if combatants agree to comply with the consensus plan.

“We are making sure we do not leave any room for the opposition, especially the Peoples Democractic Party to sponsor people to cause confusion in our midst”, the National Secretary explained.

He said, “We are encouraging states to adopt the consensus arrangement because it saves costs and reduces acrimony.

“When you look at Article 20 of our constitution which talks about elections, the first thing there”, the party’s chief scribe explained, “is for members to try reaching a consensus.”

“When that fails, then you go to cast ballots”, Senator Akpanudoedehe added.