With preparations for the PDP National Convention now in top gear, the attention of most Nigerians would be intensely focused this morning on the Court of Appeal in Port Harcourt.

The planned convention is barely 24 hours away, but there is an atmosphere of uncertainty as the clock ticks, following a matter instituted by the outgoing chairman of the party, Prince Uche Secondus.

Yesterday, the Court of Appeal adjourned sitting after lawyers completed their presentations, and accordingly reserved its ruling for today.

Stargazers in the social media Thursday went to town with unsubstantiated reports, suggesting that the major obstacle standing in the way between the the PDP and its planned convention has been removed.

It however turned out that those initial reports which spread like bushfire on the social media were completely fake.

While the reports of a PDP victory made the rounds on social media platforms, and owners of Facebook attempted a rebrand that would change the name of the media giant to Meta, lawyers were still addressing the court.

Would the rebrand of Facebook have a salutary impact on the way the social media treats information dissemination and thus, end an era of growing fake news?

No one is sure of what will happen in a world in which phones have transformed into keyboards, with the internet – the super information highway – guaranteeing instant access.

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What is however certain, as the new day arrives, is the fact that journalists and lawyers, each for their own reasons, would be returning to the courtroom where their Lordships would be delivering a long awaited verdict.

Hopefully, the social media and its army of e-reporters, embarrassed by yesterday’s false start, might refrain this time from spreading further reports that may fail to pass the acid test.

While the world waits for judicial pronouncements that are expected from the Rivers State capital, anxiety is mounting in some circles, especially among delegates who would be taking part in Saturday’s National Convention.

It is clear that the PDP has made all the arrangements. Hotels have been booked. Candidates aspiring for office have emerged. Money is being spent in doing all of that.

Delegates on their part are in high spirits. They are ready to determine the future of their party with their votes.

It might indeed be the last fight for Prince Uche Secondus, the Andoni – born politician and out going National Chairman of the PDP.

Secondus already holds the record of the longest serving national chairman of the party.

Now, he would equally enter the record books as a chairman who attempted to scuttle PDP’s Convention.

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Mofesomo Tayo-Oyetibo, SAN, Wednesday explained that the intention of his client who has been fighting in court was not to stop the convention.

His explanation, coming after legal arguments were provided in court, may be interpreted to mean that the convention of the former ruling party might go ahead as planned.

Governor Fintiri who heads the Convention Planning Committee of the PDP is promising to organise the mother of all conventions.

From the run events, the PDP which has invested both time and energy is exactly where it wants to be.

In the build up to its National Convention, the party is presenting itself an an alternative to the APC.

The PDP is hoping the forthcoming convention would provide the bounce that it needs going forward.

There is no doubt in the minds of several Nigerians that the APC is struggling with an image problem.

Somehow, the PDP is apparently looking strong and after weathering serious threats to its common unity.

As the day of the convention draws near, Secondus stands in the way as the Rock of Gibraltar.

The courts which have come under fire for issuing conflicting judgements since the power squabble in the PDP began might enjoy some momentary respite when all of this over.

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The road has not been exceedingly smooth for the PDP, but the party is looking forward to the hosting of a successful national convention that party men have been working for in the last few months.

As things are, only the Court of Appeal and the ruling that is being anticipated today separate the PDP from continuing on the long walk along the road that would lead to its national convention.