Senator Shehu Sani who represented Kaduna State in the Upper Chamber has provided an alternate view on why President Muhammadu Buhari has not signed the Electoral Act as amended into law.

While some are blaming Governors of the APC for the delay by the President to append his signature on the Electoral Bill, others are insisting the President lacks the political will to take decisions in the national interest.

Mai Bala Buni, Governor of Yobe State, Ag. National Chairman of APC.

President Muhammadu Buhari

But Sani who did not blame the President for refusing to sign the amended act on the electronic transmission of results suggested pressure from political appointees might be responsible for the delay.

He said political appointees were apparently hesitant to leave their cosy  positions, months before an election or party primaries, to aspire to higher offices in the land.

“Political appointees” Sani said on his Twitter handle, “don’t want to resign before contesting elective positions.”

Rotimi Amaechi... All smilesRotimi Amaechi, political appointee with an interest in future election?

“That’s the clause they don’t want in the electoral Bill, hence the delay”, the former member of the red chamber added.

Nigerians on social media, particularly Twitter, have been reacting to the observation made by Senator Shehu Sani.

Reginald Chigozie @ReginaldChigoz1 said, “if a governor can be on seat, contest for reelection and senator be on seat, contest reelection, why can’t others be in their offices and contest for an election…truth is the present house is working for the interest of one man period!! Let everything be balanced.

Chigozie who did not say whose interest the National Assembly is serving noted, “Bcoz a minister is rumoured to have a presidential ambition that is threatening somebody’s ambition somewhere, they now want to play their game to favour someone.”

Bola Tinubu… Is he the one under reference?

Salawudeen Olawals @walesale in his reaction remarked, “It’s all about me in Africa. We need to change this mentality if will want to leave a good society for posterity.

“Governance is for the good of the people not for anyone holding the office.”

“Was it only just inserted?”, Ed @UkotEdet4 asked, “Didn’t they see it the last time?

“Or the intention is to not allow electronic transmission of results, so they come up with one excuse after another to justify declining accent after days of delay.”

Adio Olarewaju wonders why anyone would like to enjoy the benefit of occupying two positions.

“The packaging that surround the office is too sweet”, Olarewaju observed, “But why aiming at two positions at the same time?

Nyesom Wike resigned to contest

“Life is about risk. You can eat your cake and still have it. Sincere leadership should know what to do here. Nigeria lacks sincere leaders. Take firm decision & move on.”

Robert Achi @Achiroberts69 had this to say, “Political appointees are always careful, not because of electoral bill, but because of the adage that ‘a bird in hand is worth two in the bush’.

“Nobody wants to drown himself into unknown political sea that is so precarious.”

Samuel Ortom (right) resigned.

“That’s the same mindset u will also have if not you were rejected”, Major general bazzo @Ibnbazzo wrote in response to Sani’s post, “And that’s exactly how your friend Dino ended up loosing the senatorial seat.”

Responding to Sani’s claim that the delay is traceable to political appointees, Dare Adelekan @Otunbadare57 pointed out, “And this is a very important aspect but the electronic transmission of results is more important so people will believe in your results and this may even reduce litigation after the election.”

Mimiko resigned before contesting

“The Electoral Bill must include resignations for all * Political  Appointees*  before contesting for any office!!!” Adamu Uteno @AdaluUteno said.

Apparently noting that there is no need to shift the goalpost, Lorenzo II Magnfico @MrRipley07 added, “That has been the practice under PDP, Dora Akunyili, Onyebuchi Chukwu, Ortom, Darius Ishiaku, Wike, Mimiko, Imoke etc all resigned to contest elections.”