Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has explained why he disagreed with the operational mode of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

The Presidential aspirant who spoke on Channels Television said that although he has nothing against the ongoing agitation in the South East, he was overtly opposed to the mind-boggling violence that has become part of the struggle.

Wike however stressed that some of the issues that have led to sharp divisions within the country, which are creating room for instability, are matters which ought to be sorted out through dialogue.

“I support the agitations in the South-East, whether anybody likes it or not”, Wike noted.

“We should sit down at the round table and discuss it”, the presidential aspirant who is running on the platform of the Democratic Party remarked, “What do I do wrong when you have not gone to say ‘bomb everything there’?”

Apparently explaining why he acted to avert what could have led to a breakdown in law and order in Rivers State, particularly in Oyigbo when IPOB members allegedly coordinated a series of attacks, Wike stated:

“I am a governor and you are telling me what has never happened and I should accept? Do you need to kill everybody in my area simply for me to say I am with you? And I say no, I won’t do that.”

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The governor came down hard on his critics who have been enjoying a field day accusing him of not supporting IPOB.

He wondered where those critics were when he openly supported the cause of the Biafran agitators who were raising their voices in the South East against injustice.

There is injustice and division in the country, Wike admitted, but he observed that the best way to protest against injustice isn’t by killing innocent souls.

Asked if IPOB is a threat to him, the aspirant said, “Why will they be a threat to me? It is because of the division in this country today that we have never had this country being divided this way.

“What pains me is that people take politics… to think … I want to use this opportunity to fight this person.

“There came a time IPOB was singing praises about Wike. This Nnamdi Kanu was singing praises (that) Wike is our son.”

Recall that the Rivers State Government was forced to intervene to halt‎ face-offs between Igbos and Hausas as well as the senseless killing of security operatives posted to different parts of the State to keep Rivers people safe.

Most Igbo youths have after that incident said they have beefs with the Rivers Governor for dealing summarily with rampaging IPOB.

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But  the Rivers people, direct beneficiaries of his action in quelling the uprising in Oyigbo have continued to enjoy stability and peace.