Developing story: Collation begins in Osun

Voting has ended in Osun, according to reports that are pouring in from the State’s 30 localgovernmentareas.

The Port Harcourt Telegraph understands that the collation process at the ward and local government levels has commenced.

The atmosphere in Osun is apparently calm, with many in the area applauding the electoral umpire,the Independent National Electoral Commission for organising fair and transparent elections.

Voters interviewed confirmed materials arrived early,  with some others saying they did not experience violence or attempts at manipulating the outcome of voting at the various voting centres.

There are however allegations of vote buying, with videos and pictures of people arrested by security agents for allegedly engaging in electoral malpractices  going viral.

More than 1.9 million registered voters were expected to take part in Saturday’s elections.

Professor Adele Jinadu acknowledged on Arise Television that the elections have been largely  free and fair, but he said there was still room for some significant improvement.

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