Yusuf Sununu, Minister of State (Education)

Protecting Children of School Age: Tinubu To Deploy Advanced Warning Systems

Protecting Children of School Age: Tinubu To Deploy Advanced Warning Systems

FG to enhance nation’s information gathering process

By PHC Telegraph

Yusuf Sununu, Minister of State (Education)

The Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Dr Yusuf Sununu, says the Federal Government is to ensure safety in Nigerian schools.

The Minister who appeared Wednesday afternoon on Arise TV’s programme, Newsday, said the Tinubu administration is working on a new advanced warning system.

The system ,he explained, would prevent deviant groups such as Boko Haram from taking young children and their teachers hostage.

According to Save the Children, a  study group that is keeping tabs on the wave of attacks on schools, about 1,680 school children may have have been kidnapped in Nigeria since the 2014 abduction of 276 schoolgirls from Chibok in Borno State.

It says there is increasing fear that the intensity of attacks by armed gangs could stop some children from ever attending school.

Sununu said that the plan envisaged by the Federal Government will provide vital information garnered via intelligence gathering which would alert the security agencies of impending terrorist attacks on schools by Boko Haram and other terrorist groups.

The Minister said that the government under the watch of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is placing appropriate emphasis on the protection of students and teachers who have for so long been made soft targets by gun toddling renegades roaming parts of the country.

Sununu lauded security operatives for the efforts that they are making to stall crime.

Some of the girls captured at Chibok by Boko Haram terrorists.


But he said that an advanced warning system which is being put in place could help minimise the rampant kidnapping of children of school age.

Sununu also revealed that there are moves to promote skills acquisition as an integral part of the nation’s nomadic education and the enlightenment of kids known as Amarjiri children in the North.

He expressed confidence in the ability of the Tinubu administration to raise the quality of education in order to produce the necessary manpower required to drive the country’s march towards the future.

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