Nigeria has ordered its security operatives to be on red alert in the wake of widespread reactions by groups that are allegedly being carried out by pro-Iranian and pro-Islamic forces.
President Muhammadu Buhari, concerned by the situation which is spilling into Africa, ordered security  chiefs at the weekend to beef up security.
There are considerable US interests in Nigeria and the authorities who are currently engaged in a bitter war with Boko Haram, we have learnt through a well placed source, are determined to ensure that the country is not used as a launch pad for  any assault.
A military base used by the Americans was attacked in Kenya at the weekend, following growing hostilities between the US and Iran.
At least two US contractors were killed in the raid claimed by Al Qeada which is linked to Al Shabaab.
Reports say five of the attackers who stormed the military base in Kenya were killed.
In Libya, a facility used for training military personnel was attacked from the air.
But it is still unclear who could have been behind the attack  in which air power was allegedly deployed.
Nigeria is not the only country within and outside the continent that is taking preemptive steps.
Major European countries, including Germany, have beefed up security as part of efforts to keep  their citizens safe.

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