They want to hijack Rivers State, Wike claims

Accused of planning to hijack APC structures in Rivers State,  Governor Wike elected on the platform of the PDP has suddenly come up with an allegation of  his own.
“They want to hijack Rivers State”, Wike said to a crowd of mourners who came to pay their last respects to a lecturer, Dr Fred Gberegbe whose death is still the subject of sharp disagreements and controversy within political circles.
Although he did not refer directly to the APC, Wike who strives in controversy went on the rampage, saying persons whose names he did not place on record,  were responsible for the murder of the dead lecturer.
Wike said he was killed while protecting the votes of the people.
But he vowed that the plot to hijack the State by those persons would not work.
He said that he has become Governor despite their plot against him in 2015 and 2019, stressing that they would fail again in 2023.
The Governor said it has come to his notice that in 2023 election results in Rivers State would be written in the field and sustained by the force of law.
Describing the dead as a defender of democracy, Wike said he died protecting the votes of the common man.
Two accounts relating to how the Ogoni-born lecturer lost his life have been making the rounds.
One account claims the lecturer was slain by Fsars while another says he may have been poisoned on his sick bed at an undisclosed hospital.
The police denied the allegation at the time, saying none of its operatives was linked to the death of Dr Gberegbe.
Thus far, Gberegbe has not been immortalised as a martyr of democracy by the Rivers State Government.
But it is on record that funds have been funneled to the family of the deceased to ensure the upkeep of his bereaved wife and children.
Wike’s comments suggest the State may suffer another era of political tensions which has characterised the nature of Rivers politics in the last few years.

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