There are indications that despite the efforts of the Rivers State Government to prevent  the outbreak of the Cironavirus, someone may have ended up with the disease.
The identity of the infected individual, if the story is true, is not yet known,  but the Port Harcourt Telegraph reports that the information that someone may have  contacted the virus is gradually spreading.
Rivers State is one of the States that have not registered any incident of the pandemic that is ravaging the entire world.
The number of confirmed cases in the country is put at 46, with only one fatality recorded.
The Rivers State Government has since taken a tough stance against the spread of the virus.
Wednesday, the Rivers government warned that incoming flights into Port Harcourt,  the State capital would no longer be allowed, saying it hoped that the Federal Government would support the ban.
So far, there has been no official reaction relating to the outbreak  of the virus in the State from the Government.
We have however heard through dependable sources that the Government might be verifying the development at this time.
Should the piece of information turn out to be true, a statement to that effect may be released eventually.
Earlier, Governor Nyesom Wike had banned open air worship by religious groups as well as weddings and burials.
Also shutdown are the activities of night clubs and all public parks in the State.
All over the world, people are being encouraged not to panic as a result of the pandemic.
The Telegraph is already on the trail of the developing story and would update its readers as more news of the purported outbreak reaches its news desk.

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