A group traders who specialize in the sale of edibles including vegetables were early Monday morning ambushed by members of the Taskforce set up by the Wike administration and taken into custody.
We cannot however affirm if they have been left to go home.
The State Government which announced a complete lockdown in parts of the State capital had frowned at the refusal of small businesses to shut down.
We have learnt that members of the Taskforce who may have acted on a tip off  arrived the Sangana  Street market as early as 4.30am.
The unsuspecting traders mostly women arrived at 5.00am and worked into the waiting hands of the team.
They were instantly accosted and taken away to an unknown destination.
From information that is streaming in, the correction facilities in the State are no longer receiving inmates.
We cannot say if this is as a result of overcrowding  or an attempt to protect inmates in such facilities against the spread of the Coronavirus.
Insiders have revealed to the Port Harcourt Telegraph that the State Government may have opened detention centres where alleged violators of the directives  issued by Governor Nyesom Wike are being kept.
Several persons, according to  unconfirmed reports are still being held after their arrest, with most of them allegedly denied access to their loved ones.
Eyewitnesses told this publication that Wike reportedly drove round the  New Layout area as well as the Creek Road Market zone a day or two before he imposed the latest lockdown.
He is reported to have told those within the vicinity that they were trying his patience by disobeying statutory orders from the government.