Reports reaching our news desk suggest that the border closure order issued by the Rivers State Government is holding out.

Governor Nyesom Wike had expressed serious reservations over the conduct of security agencies operating in the State, and vowed to replace them at the boundary points with Taskforce members

According to some of our Correspondents who went round major entry points into the State, people are finding it increasingly difficult to enter or leave  through Rivers boundaries.

In Oyigbo, Chimex Ndubuisi filed this report, “People are moving around within their neighbourhoods, but movements across the boundary between Rivers and Abia States is being keenly monitored.”
He says “The markets and other major businesses within Oyigbo remain securely locked.

“People in the semi urban centre have access to essential needs, including medicines and food items.”

We have learnt that the situation is the same at the boundary between Rivers and Akwa Ibom States as well as the boundaries between Rivers and Imo State and the boundary between Rivers and Bayelsa States.

Akwa Ibom and Bayelsa states now have confirmed cases of the Coronavirus.

The Rivers State Government,  we have learnt is seriously concerned about the worsening case of the pandemic and is reportedly deploying every arsenal at its disposal to prevent the community spread of the deadly virus.

In Port Harcourt, the lockdown imposed in parts of the city is working.

Elyger Agwu reports, “most people are staying close to their homes in obedience to the government directive. “Given the increase in the number of Coronavirus cases in the State, more people are becoming more cautious”, Agwu reported.

Across the country, a massive hunt for masks has begun. Shops and other sales outlets are being besieged by persons who are looking for the protective gear.

It would be an offence to go without them, according to a Federal Government order, which would be in force from May 4, 2020.