Rivers: All Roads Closed

From Thursday, all who reside within the boundaries of the Port Harcourt and Obio/Akpor Local Government Areas of Rivers State are to compulsorily stay at home.
Only those who are engaged in the delivery of essential services would be allowed on the streets within the period.
Governor Nyesom Wike who has been largely proactive in conducting the war against the Coronavirus handed down the new order on Monday.
Recall that on Friday, Governor Wike had said the wearing of face masks throughout the State is now compulsory.
He said that the government’s decision to embark on a complete lockdown in these areas was taken in the overall interest of the people of Rivers State.
“On no account”, the Governor directed, “should there be any vehicular movements, or gathering of more than two persons in these Local Government Areas, except those on essential services with appropriate authorization.”
He similarly announced, “All shops, trading or business activities, including currency exchange, in these Local Government Areas must also remain closed until further notice.”
Wike said those who were refusing to obey orders restricting movement and other activities at this time were the greatest threats to the safety and lives of citizens.
“We have also observed with disappointment, the persistent disobedience to the State Government’s lawful orders and, or directives,
on COVID-19 by a number of communities and residents, especially in Obio/Akpor and Port Harcourt City Local Government Areas despite repeated warning”, the Governor remarked.
“Consequently, we have decided on the extreme measure of placing the entire Obio/Akpor and Port Harcourt City Local Government Areas under a 24 hours total lockdown from Thursday 7th May 2020 until further notice.
“All Landlords are advised to ensure that no shop or trading activity is opened or carried out in or around their premises or risk the confiscation of their property by the Government”, Wike further directed.

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