Politicians and community leaders in  Afikpo South Local Government Area of Ebonyi State who hail from Edda have been admonished to pursue peaceful coexistence.

Nnachi Mmecha Igwe, a lawyer and President of Nzuko Edda USA Incorporated, the umbrella body of Edda indigenes based in the United States in reaction to the incessant crisis in the area.

Igwe said  that Edda sons and daughters abroad were distressed by news of escalating violence that are being reported in the area, saying there was a strong need to unite the people and keep the peace, especially at a time when concerted efforts are ongoing to rid the State and country of the Coronavirus.

The legal practitioner remarked, “Edda politicians should position themselves as champions of peace and models of mutual respect. We should all bury the hatchet and try to build a better society for all. Everyone should stand up against hate and violence and treat each other with dignity and love and spread kindness especially at this time of global health threat. Let this Covid-19 Pandemic be our unifying force, and not a reason for conflicts. This is the right time to heal all frayed nerves, a time to heal our land”.

” The truth is Ekoli and Nguzu have always been one and have lived like one inseparable family since ages. Alluding that Ekoli people are taking advantage of having the chairman of the Council come from their community is really preposterous here and should not be an issue at all; we are one big family and will ever remain so”.

“Honestly, there is no reason for anyone to bask in the euphoria of fomenting trouble in Edda for selfish individual interest. Unfortunately, some people take pleasure in fomenting trouble and stoking the ambers of discord in Edda even when there is no need for such but I tell you, it is all about individual ego, personal aggrandizement” he stated.

The Nzuko Edda President condemned the attitude of some politicians, whom he said, are fond of disrupting the unity of Edda by politicizing every situation for their personal interest, regretting that the crux of the matter is a divide-and-rule agenda, carefully choreographed by self-seeking individuals in order to perpetually turn the people against one another.

In his words, “Political grandstanding and divide-and-rule ploy should not be the norms of the day as this provokes hostilities to the detriment of the Unity and peace of Edda land’.