There is growing indignation at Government House, Port Harcourt, as the police in Rivers State which is responsible for security begin to roll back some of the orders of the State Government that are apparently in direct conflict with that issued by the Federal Government in respect of the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus.
Weeks ago, the police took over responsibility for clearing the entry and exit of vehicles that are conveying agricultural products and pharmaceuticals.
Governor Wike cried out, but his cries were drowned by overwhelming public opinion which appeared in favour of opening up the State.
Now, a new area of friction between the State Government and the police is gradually unfolding.
The Wike administration had refused to comply with federal directives issued by the Federal Government which say curfews imposed in the country would take effect from 10pm every day.
The State Government had rather insisted that its order which says the curfew should start at 8pm would override any other order.
But last week, Mukan, Rivers Police Commissioner, ordered policemen not to enforce the 8pm order of the Government.
The Police boss said in a statement that the order issued by the Federal Government remains superior to that declared by the State Government.
He urged policemen operating in the State to refrain from any attempt to compel Rivers citizens to stay back in their homes earlier than the 10pm curfew period allowed by the federal authorities.
The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria provides that in the event that both the Federal and State Governments make laws on the same subject, that made by the Federal supercedes.
Governor Wike had created the impression that the Executive orders issued by his administration have a more binding force than that coming from the Federal Government in matters relating to the Rivers State.
With what is happening, there appears to be a silent but resolute move by the Federal Government to call the bluff of its state counterpart.
It is becoming clear that there are no two presidents in the country, going by the unfolding scenario.
But in some sections of the press, there are increasing opinions that the Rivers State Governor and the Rivers State Police Command may be headed for a collision course.

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