Edo elections: I brought nothing to the table – Wike

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has admitted he did nothing extraordinary to ensure the success of the PDP in Edo State.
There have been all kinds of accounts across the country pertaining to what the Rivers strongman did or did not do to overwhelm the APC and secure victory for the PDP in that South South State.
Wike who was live on Channels Television Friday morning denied  he expended scare Rivers resources before and during the election to ensure PDP took over the State.

He said Governor Godwin Obaseki as a state governor was well prepared to drive the process and mobilize the people for the election which went the way of the PDP.
But the Rivers Governor however revealed that he succeeded in continously inspiring his brother Governor and the Edo people to put in their best.
Wike said he maintained that if the Rivers people could deny the APC of victory, the Edo people could too.
He explained that the South South people were desirous to speak with one voice and noted that the Obaseki victory on the platform of the PDP would make that possible.
The Rivers Governor declined to address the issue of the rail project which is expected to terminate in Niger Republic, stressing that comments emanating from tbe Rivers State capital, no matter how constructive, are always seen as coming from the opposition.
He agreed in answer to a question that there is a need for collaboration between the Federal and State Governments, saying there are national issues which require mutual cooperation.
Governor Wike who took potshots at the Inspector General of Police said it was wrong to refer to Governors as chief security officers.

He emphasized that Governors were rather Chief Logistic Officers, arguing that there was no truth in the claim that they are Chief Security Officers of their states.
Wike also disclosed that Rivers State has, started attracting investments which would strengthen its economy.
Although the Governor was not specific in his claim, he attributed it to ongoing efforts to provide adequate security and infrastructure.

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