Hear what Governor Wike is said to have told the Ogoni

Mixed reactions have continued to trail  comments attributed to Governor Nyesom Wike.

The comments which pertain to the ethnic Ogoni appears to suggest that Ogonis do not love anything good.

Governor Wike and members of his entourage were on the way to commission a road when they came across inclement weather.

Whereas some Ogonis insist that Governor Wike exploited the situation to abuse the people of Ogoni while speaking before them, others say he was merely talking about the rainy condition which greeted his entourage as it made its way to the commissioning of an access road in Ogoniland.

Some Ogonis recall comments attributed to Governor Melford Okilo and say Wike has become the second Rivers Governor to abuse Ogoni people.

Did Wike abuse the Ogoni people as some people are suggesting? What did Wike really say? Was he suggesting that Ogonis were responsible for the rain which fell on the day he stepped forth to commission a project on Ogoni soil? What do you think?

Watch this video of Governor Wike speaking at the occasion. Tell us what your reaction to Governor Wike’s comment is after viewing this clip:

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