Vice President Atiku Abubakar who appears to have taken up refuge in Dubai has affirmed that strong institutions are necessary in order to sustain the growth of representative democracy.

Atiku who took to Twitter to express his views, following the decision of the United States Senate and the House of Representatives to confirm Biden’s election said it has become clear that “democracy is a process.”

Atiku hasn’t hidden his displeasure, particularly with the system, given his monstrous defeat in the 2019 presidential election.

The former Vice President of Nigeria claimed he won the election in which President Muhammadu Buhari was declared winner, but the courts of the land which are the last hope of the common man held otherwise.

Atiku is yet to jettison his ambition to govern Nigeria despite efforts by Governor Nyesom Wike and others in the PDP to flip the page of succession within the party.

 Atiku’s interest in having another shot at the presidency, according to a Port Harcourt Telegraph report, may be responsible for the inability of the PDP to zone power to the South.

In the meantime, Atiku who has seemingly left Nigeria in protest is acknowledging certain elements that are responsible for the sustainability of American democracy.

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“Democracy, as it is often said, is a process. With the culmination of the process certifying the electoral vote of @JoeBiden as the next President of the United States, it is clear that strong institutions are vital to the sustainability of democracy.”

Atiku who recently sold his shares at Intels, claiming Federal Government interference in business observed, “This is a lesson to be learnt: that strong institutions and not strong personalities are the bulwark of a rich democratic culture.”

Atiku’s comments are raising reactions on the social media, with some Nigerians hailing him and others condemning him.

 “Thank you VP Atiku for making the Vice President of Nigeria 🇳🇬 position very strong when you were VP… We would have had Obasanjo forever… You single handedly stymied the 3rd term agenda championed   Mantu and Co”, LaWreNce Karka @karka_lawrence observed.

Ndako-Jethro Amlabu in a tweet stated, ” I so agree with you sir. If we had  very sound justice institutions and an electoral system that is built on integrity and moral ethics, you shouldn’t even be in any ballot let alone wanting to be president of Nigeria. We need such institutions.”

Replying to @atiku, @realCitizen14 remarked, ” “Strong” institutions like the Customs Services that’s been serving as a cash cow for some few Nigerians to turn into “strong personalities”. … under the “strong watchful eyes” of law enforcement! America isn’t Africa, and Africa can never be America!”

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Malik Ade – Mansa of all gold @wizmalikade said, ” Right! But it is the people that’ll uphold these institutions. Lesson learnt: both strong institutions and strong personalities are key for a rich democratic culture.”

 Umar Muhammad Mustapha @UmceeBiu noted in response to the Atiku tweet, ” Before I was brainwashed by some undeserved leaders to be our leaders but now I realized how goddammed sucker I was.

“Now it is time to change the change the imam who led us prayer bcox ,we see he can’t lead his assignment to its right rule.”

Gideon Adaji @Maxwelzdad wrote, “Baba I love you and want you to be president but sir can you call on Mr fintiri to provide water and clinic for this village in your state

“I campaigned for you with my lil money in 2019 and would stil do because I believe in your principles but doing this for them would be nice.”

King Henry @henribankz had this to say, “The same man that refused to congratulate @MBuhari who trashed him at the polls in 2019″ while Nd Uche @Nd_Uche added, ” Strong institutions don’t just happen. And they are not nurtured by unbridled corruption. Strong honest competent individuals working together over time nurture strong institutions.”

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