Governor Ortom of Benue State says it is time for Nigerians to unite behind ongoing efforts to exterminate banditry.

Ortom who was at the Villa to see President Muhammadu Buhari told journalists there was no way the nation could focus on the transition of power in 2023 in the midst of glaring insecurity.

The Benue Governor escaped an assassination attempt plotted by Fulani militants a couple of days ago.

The action carried out by a Fulani militant group has raised concerns across the country, with Nigerians urging their government to stamp out threats to peace and security.

Ortom observed that democracy is anchored on the rule of law, saying disobedience to the rule of law is unacceptable.

He said that as Governor of Benue State who loves the country, he had a responsibility to protect the rule of law.

Governor Ortom urged Nigerians not to politicize the attack on him by Fulani herdsmen, saying all who have taken oaths to serve the people have a duty at this time to find solutions to problems which militate against national unity.

Weeks ago, Ortom had revealed that his life was in danger. On that occasion, the governor disclosed he had received death threats and accused the Bauchi State Governor of being part of a plan to kill him.

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The Bauchi Governor may have extricated himself after saying that the Fulani have right to carry assault riffles, but the attack on the governor  has proved that intelligence reports available to the Benue State Government may have been accurate.

Prior to the visit by Ortom to the Villa, President Buhari called for an impartial investigation by security forces and directed operatives to bring the attackers to book.

Meanwhile, the country’s Defence Minister has already admitted that Nigeria is gradually headed for the precipice.

The House of Representatives allowed a petition written by Tivs in the diaspora who are concerned about the situation in their home state to be laid on the table.

Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila said that the voices of Nigerians matter, saying the House would not suffocate the opinions of those who are willing to contribute to governance issues from abroad.

Many across the country fear for Ortom’s life, following the threat made by the pan Fulani group which is promising to make further attempts to get at the Benue State Governor.

Different groups, including the Christian Association of Nigeria and Nigerian Governors Forum as well as individual state governors are expressing serious indignation over the inability of security forces in the country to surmount the threat posed by bandits.

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Governor Nyesom Wike warned the other day that Nigeria might be plunged into civil war if something untoward was to happen to the governor of Benue State.

As at the time of this report, soldiers deployed to keep Benue safe were reportedly combing the forest in search of criminal elements.