* Missing Housewife, Why I Made Her Woman Leader

* How The Crisis Escalated

The Chairman of the Emohua Local Government Council, Dr Chidi Lloyd has revealed why Mrs Priscilla Nwagbara emerged as the woman leader of Omudioga community.

Lloyd said in an interview with the PORT HARCOURT TELEGRAPH, “We resolved to make peace” and establish a Caretaker committee  to manage ‘Ali Mamnma’ , a powerful women’s group in the community.

He explained that this was how Mrs Nwagbara  who is nowhere to be found was appointed an woman  interim woman leader to unite the women and pave the way for a peaceful transition of power.

“Her husband was bedridden” the Chairman remarked, saying he was burnt to death when his house was set ablaze.

The Chairman also spoke on police efforts, OSPAC  and elites should do in their communities.

Below are excerpts of the telephone interview:

Telegraph: Hello!

Chidi Lloyd: Good evening sir, I saw your missed call. I wasn’t close to my phone.

Telegraph : I called earlier if I could get a reaction over the Omudioga killing  for the Telegraph. What happened?

Chidi Lloyd : What happened is that there were problems that led to the attack on the OSPAC commander.  Recall also that I had banned OSPAC.
My predecessor in office had banned OSPAC because it was perceived that they have left  their original function.
But unfortunately,  some hoodlums came and attacked the commander and killed him.
I do not want to make any statement that would prejudice the investigations of the police. The police are on the matter and we are giving them every cooperation that they need. You will recall that was my electoral promise, to work for peace and stability. But calm has since been restored to the community.
I believe that some houses were torched, some persons killed in the event of what happened, but we are still waiting for the police to finish its work.

Telegraph: There is this issue raised that the wife of the slain Chief has suddenly disappeared and nobody knows her whereabouts

Chidi Lloyd : Infact what happened was that when I came in, there were problems here and there in Omudioga.  So, we now met and resolved to make peace.
So this woman, Mrs Nwagbara was the one that I made the leader of the women because they have a very formidable women’s group there called “Ali Mamnma”
The issue of a transition was a problem. We agreed that there should be a caretaker committee, pending when all the issues would be resolved before they go for an election, so that the tension in the community would simmer down.
Now, this woman’s husband has been bedridden for sometime. His house was burnt and since he couldn’t see and couldn’t walk, he was burnt inside his house alive.

Telegraph : Chei!

Chidi Lloyd: That is the one that got me very, very emotional and since then nobody knows the whereabouts of the woman. It is a very sad thing.

Telegraph: What advice do you have for communities in your LGA, given what has happened in Omudioga?

Chidi Lloyd: I keep saying it, I keep saying at different fora. Elite of communities  must make sure they fix their town.
Omudioga is not a small community. They have notable personalities like Professor Uzoigwe, Barrister F Enyindah, Dr Nnodim and so forth and so on.
I have been in my community, Akpabu and there has been no skirmishes because I wouldn’t  want them..I would avoid anything that would bring any uprising. So these elites should also try and speak truth to their people.
It is very bad for a community to be involved in something that would divide it. Some people are this; some people are the other way.
My advice to them (all the communities) is to eschew bitterness and rancour and do the needful which is leave in peace.

Telegraph: Thank you so much.

Chidi Lloyd: You’re welcome.