Peter Obi...unhappy with Wike’s support for Tinubu

Nigeria’s Chief Opposition Leader Returns From Imo State, Swings Into Action

Nigeria’s Chief Opposition Leader Returns From Imo State, Swings Into Action

° Urges FG to investigate root cause of two fire incidents in Abuja;
° Commiserates with families who lost loved ones;
° Asks traders whose goods were burnt to overcome their grief 

By PHC Telegraph

Nigeria’s self acclaimed opposition leader, Peter Obi who has just come back from a trip to Imo State where he openly campaigned for the gubernatorial candidate of the Labour Party has called for an investigation to determine the root causes of two separate fire incidents in Abuja.

Obi, the defeated candidate of Labour Party a few days ago declared while addressing a news conference said he and the Obidients that he leads have officially assumed the role of the opposition.

The former Governor of Anambra State said Nigerians were seriously concerned about the two fire outbreaks in the federal capital territory.

Obi took to X, formerly Twitter, to say “reports of the two fire incidents that rocked the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, yesterday, are very concerning.

Recall that the fire incident which occurred at the High Commission claimed two lives and consumed  the generator house.

The Canadians who have somehow conducted their own investigation however do not agree that there was any kind of foul play.

While Nigerians were trying to digest news of the embassy fire, another inferno occurred at the popular Samsung office at the Banex Junction in Wuse 2.

Wares worth several millions of naira went up in flames as the dry harmattan crept in.

Noting that “goods worth millions of naira have been destroyed”, Obi said, “I urge the government and the relevant agencies, to carry out investigations into the causes of the fire incidents.”

“I send my sincere sympathies to the Canadian High Commission @CanHCNigeria over this sad occurrence”, Obi said on X.

The opposition leader further stated, “I also commiserate with the business owners at the Samsung Office in Abuja who have lost a fortune to the inferno.

“These are very challenging times, but I encourage them not to despair. May God grant eternal rest to the dead, heal the wounded, and comfort the afflicted.”

Although the presidential candidate of the PDP, Atiku Abubakar was the first to organize a press briefing, he said nothing about playing the role of the opposition as Obi did.

Impeaching the integrity of the courts, Atiku swore he is going nowhere. It was an apparent reference to the fact that he will not be retiring from politics any time soon.

But Peter Obi who was more forthright in his address to the press articulated the historic mission of the Labour Party, saying the platform has become a vehicle that will ensure accountability and transparency in government circles.

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