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Category: News


Flood overruns Igwuruta 

Most of Igwuruta community in the Ikwerre Local Government Area are now under threat. This year’s flooding has dealt a cruel blow on the community, with most compounds completely invaded by water from neighbouring streams. A Telegraph Correspondent who passed through the community reports that…


Enter the new butchers 

In Bakana, the life of a Kalabari youth hangs in the balance.  The man, a victim of a machete attack is struggling to survive. His name is Soala Martyns Yellowe. We cannot confirm what led to the attack, but local sources say a  disagreement between…


Once again, Buhari strikes from abroad 

In what is gradually turning out to be part of the evolving style of the federal administration, a decision with far reaching implications has just been made. As usual, the President, Muhammadu Buhari is away from the country, attending a United Nations General Assembly meeting…