The activities of social media influencers as well as other users of the information super highway Tuesday drew the attention of Nyesom Wike, the Rivers State Governor.

Wike who was addressing Rivers people acknowledged there were growing incidences of what he termed fake news.

He however did not say if the alleged deployment of fake news in the ongoing fight against some of his policies is hurting him.

Opinions have been slanted against the Wike administration, particularly in the social media, following what many see as human rights abuses  in the fight against COVID-19.

Voices which usually champion the actions and comments of the administration in Port Harcourt have been drowned by an avalanche of anti-government reactions.

The image of the administration,  most observers agree, has rather taken a plunge, with most views in and outside the social media highly critical of it tactics.

SERAP, a rights group has dragged Governor Wike to an Ecowas Court over alleged abuses targeted at the Rivers people.

Wike said it was time for the people to come together and time to set aside the bickering and blame game in the interest of the Rivers community.

“We urge our people to stop the fake news on social media; stop the baseless bickering, the needless blame game, and the seditious rumours that does no good to our image…

He said such reactions on the social media do not “provide any solution to the common challenges that we face.”

“Rather, we should all come together, put our fate in our own hands and work for the common good of all, whether as individuals, families or as communities.

This may be proof of the growing impact of the activities of citizens on the social; evidence that alternative viewpoints that are being peddled are beginning to find their mark; and a sign that much more people forced to stay at home are turning to social media and other renowned channels of communication,  including the traditional media, to express themselves.

Suing for understanding,  Wike acknowledged that fighting a common cause together at this time might be beneficial.

Said the Governor, “This is the only way to spare our State, our people and our economy from the devastating effects of the corona pandemic at this time.

“We call on all residents to continue to support the Government and pray for God’s gracious intervention in the affairs of the State”, Wike appealed.

He paid tribute to all who are on the frontlines fighting the pandemic, thanking them for their courage and sacrifices.

“We cannot stop appreciating our health workers who have continued to put their lives at risk in the forefront of this battle so the rest of us can be safe and secure. We cannot thank you enough.”