By Ogbonna Nwuke, Editor-in-Chief

Nnamdi Kanu,  leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has claimed Christians in Nigeria are being targeted.

Kanu who took to Twitter Friday, to make the allegation however, did not provide verifiable evidence.

But the young Igbo activist, whose group, IPOB, is seen more as a terrorist group than a separatist movement by the Nigerian authorities, alleged that the Buhari administration has failed in its responsibility to provide Christians with adequate protection.

Of late, Nigeria has been caught in the vice grip of spiralling violence and insecurity, due largely to ethnic rivalries, religious differences and clashes between herders and farmers.

“Nigeria ranks No. 1 in the world in the number of Christians killed for their faith”, Kanu claimed from his base abroad.


“The Buhari regime has failed to protect innocent Christians. Will @StateIRF take action and live up to its mission of promoting religious freedom around the world?”

Kanu appears from his rhetoric to favour external interference in Nigeria’s internal affairs.

Agitators for a breakaway Republic earlier received assurances from their leaders that America under President Donald Trump would compel Nigerian leaders to let go of the territory that is being claimed by the Biafrans.

Trump  loved by pro-Biafran campaigners hasn’t done it. Looking at the picture that is emerging from America, it is doubtful Trump ever will now that Joe Biden has won the popular as well as electoral college votes.

In the meantime, most people in the South East are beginning to warm up to the idea of an Igbo presidency in 2023.

The idea is setting up the stage for a flip in the eastern states where support for the PDP is waning as the  nation contemplates a power shift to the South.

Although they are the third largest ethnic nation in Nigeria, the Igbo have never been elected to the presidency.

Some argue Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe was Nigeria’s first president at independence, but the Igbo disagree, saying the foremost  campaigner for the country’s liberation from colonialism only enjoyed a ceremonial status.

The last time a credible leader ran an effective campaign for presidency was around 1999.

Former Vice President Alex Ekwueme was disappointed at the last moment in Jos, the Plateau  State capital, following an accord  which paved the way for the Yoruba nation to produce the president of the country because of the Supreme sacrifice made by Chief MKO Abiola.

Will the Igbo follow the  footsteps of the Yoruba nation and secure for themselves, the understanding of the Nigerian people?

Igbo political strategists, including members of the political class, think  there is no better time than now for the Igbo in Nigeria to go for the nation’s top job.

Senator Enyinnaya Aberibe, Minority Leader in the Senate who spoke on Channels Television was optimistic an Igbo man would get elected to  the office of  president this time.

The trouble is that the PDP which has profited from  Igbo votes appears bent on zoning power to the North even when it is clear that President Muhammadu Buhari,  a northerner is about to do eight years in office.

Convention allows for power rotation in the country and the Igbo nation is feeling increasingly betrayed by the PDP.

Governor Dave Umahi hinted at this fact while ditching the PDP for the APC which has indicated that power will shift to the South.

Kanu who is probably losing friends in several Nigerian circles is making streneous efforts to de – legitimize the process which may result in the emergence of an Igbo or southern president.

“The quest for Southern Presidency is diversionary”, Kanu claimed in his wall on tweet some hours ago.

“The transitory allure of power shift to the South has blinded Southern politicians to how far gone Nigeria has become Fulanized & Islamized, all to the degree that a Southern President will always be impotent.”

Kanu’s position is generating serious reactions, especially on Twitter where people are ensuring their voices are heard.

Replying  to @MaziNnamdiKanu, Astro @Astro_Certified said on his Twitter handle, “I disagree with you on this Mazi. Until you get Biafra for us, Southern Nigeria 🇳🇬 deserve the Presidency.

“We can’t be found complaining all the time without any concrete and united plan to usher in solutions.”

Pedro Kalu @peddykal remarked, “There is no one in a better position to negotiate equality , decentralization of power and restructuring than the marginalized.

“Stop leading Ndi-igbo to a political oblivion , use your influence to ensure active participation in the polity to make their voices heard.”

“For Biafra, it is better negotiated with a Southern president than a northern president. This should be a no brainier”, Nwokeocha Martins G @matnz2000 observed.

Dr  Amuaee E Chuksa however pointed out, “if we are serious about Biafra coming we shouldn’t concern ourselves with 2023, or Southern President, we should be planning on making it a reality in highest six (6) months times.”

Somehow, Kanu continues to champion his own cause despite calls for moderation and a change in strategy.

“A doomed nation”, Kanu insists, “is one that arrests you for treason when you suggest a referendum, calls you a traitor when you demand restructuring; kills you when you protest & sees free speech as hate speech.”

Strong words, possibly good  rhetoric as well, but the situation most who are experienced say, demands tact, reason and dialogue in order to move the Igbo away from the border line of marginalisation to the centre of mainstream politics.