The Rivers State Government has officially asked for the support of law enforcement agents in enforcing the use of face masks.

The State Government, authoritative sources say, is greatly worried by the escalation of Covid related infections.

It is doubtful if medical facilities in the State would be able to cope if drastic steps are not taken to reverse the trend.

Expert opinion tapped into by the government is supporting a strong push to ensure public compliance with established protocols set out by the NCDC.

This may prove to be the only positive alternative to a complete lock down of the State, the Port Harcourt Telegraph has learnt.

It is not yet known if the new variant of the Covid-19 found in South Africa has surfaced in Rivers State. Government has not given that indication.

Statistics show that approximately 6000 people in the State are afflicted by the virus. There are also increasing fears that the number may increase.

State lawmakers now say it is an offense not to wear protective face masks.

This is part of ongoing steps being taken by the Assembly to minimise the spread of the Coronavirus and ensure Rivers people comply with existing Covid -19 protocols.

The legal instrument empowers officials of government to deal with all who fail to comply with the provisions set out by parliament.

Of late, the State House of Assembly has become proactive and business – like.

Observers say this may be an indication of the resolve of lawmakers to get more actively involved in governance issues.

Only recently, the House met to ratify the construction of two additional overhead bridges which the Wike administration is planning to construct.