The Rivers Governor, Nyesom Wike has revealed that the killers who raided police formations May 7, 2021 and killed seven policemen came from Oyigbo.

The Governor who addressed Rivers people Monday, 10th May 2021  gave the clue which might suggest security agents may have closed down the area as the hunt for the killers spread across the State.

injured and chased by the police, the killers hopped out of the Sienna van that they hijacked and ran into the  bush along the Port Harcourt – Eleme – Ogoni route.

This means they may have headed in the direction of Elelenwo on the right or Oyigbo through the bush on the left after they made a getaway from Elimgbu with serious injuries.

Our sources say the sound of gunfire may have been heard from the direction of Elelenwo in the evening of Sunday.

The Governor’s address broadcast Monday gave a clear hint of where the hit men who are on the run may have set out, depending on which side of the road they chose while escaping.

“We have reviewed the way and manner the recent attacks were executed and discovered that the perpetrators, who disguised themselves as security officers, moved in unhindered from Oyigbo to launch the attack”, the Governor noted.

“The nation’s security agencies”, State’s Chief Secirity Officer hinted, “are on their trail and we are confident that they will all be arrested soon and brought to justice.”

He expressed sadness over the loss of lives, saying, ” These are extraordinary times for our country and our State. Last week Friday, we witnessed yet another multiple armed ambush on police checkpoints along the East-West road which resulted in the cold-blooded murder of 7 police offices.

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” We again express our condolence to the families of the dead officers and the State’s Police Command for this irreparable loss and pray for the peaceful repose of their innocent souls.”

Turning to Rivers people who are becoming apprehensive, the Governor remarked, ” We wish to assure every resident that we are not intimidated by the sporadic and cowardly attacks on predetermined security targets by faceless criminals on our soil; neither will we be cowed into succumbing to a baseless and doomed secessionists agenda.”

The latest attack has resulted to a review of the night curfew arrangement that is already in place.

Beginning from today, May 11, 2021, Rivers people as well as all residents in the State are to leave the streets before 7pm.

The night time curfew would now commence at 7pm Nigerian time and its effect would be felt in the State’s 23 Local Government Areas.

The people are expected to step out of their homes at 6 am when vicibility would have improved.

On the possibility of drafting youthful natives into the fight against terror, the Governor stated, “We have reviewed, and for the moment, declined the pressure on the State Government to activate our youth to defend the State from these terrorists.”

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Wike explained that government had refused to use youth groups “because we don’t want to complicate our very delicate security situation by creating opportunities for some other monsters to emerge.”

The Ikwerre born politician who presides over Government House declared, “nothing will stop us from defeating the evil forces presently threatening our individual and collective security.”

“We continue to appeal to members of the public to understand (with us) in the midst of the economic troubles that our actions may inflict as our one and only aim is to achieve and sustain the maximum security of lives and property in our dear State”, Wike added.

The police may already be in the custody of the remains of the two attackers deployed by the group which coordinated the hit.

The security agencies are yet to release the identity of the raiders who were killed. This may be for security reasons.

For now, the Rivers masses may have to cope with the reality on ground. Fact is, they would have to live with the pain that restrictions put in place are causing.

A Telegraph Correspondent who has been on the prowl reports, “Part of roads which run in front of police stations inside and outside the State capital have been shut down.”

Within the State capital, Moscow Road which houses the River State Police Command, the NNPC, and the Rivers State House of Assembly has been sealed to traffic.

Workers within that axis are however allowed access while those who claim to have something to do with the police are scrutunized.

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Around the Mile I Police Station, the station at Elekahia and the one in Elelenwo, parts of dual carriageways have been shut down.

The situation is the same outside Port Harcourt. Part of the Port Harcourt -Owerri Road was sealed from a point which grants access to a Shell facility to Igwuruata.

Broken download police vehicles without tyres were used to block a wing of the dual carriageway which runs in front of the Igwuruata Police Station on Sunday.

Commuters are having difficulties getting around in a city where access has been denied as a result of ongoing construction works.

Students of a university in the State capital (name withheld) angrily dismantled some of the obstructions placed on the road because of difficulties encountered in accessing their institution.

It took the intervention of the Vice Chancellor of the university to calm the students.

Nobody knows when the seige mentality which has befallen citizens will end. But as Governor Wike acknowledged, it is a necessary sacrifice to make in order to win the war.

A reaction may be expected from secessionist groups now that the Rivers State Government has made reference to their involvement.

Wike had said the State would not succumb to the will of those who are pursuing a “secessionist agenda.”

This is the closest that the administration has come to linking Biafran separatists to the recent killings in the State since the latest attacks began.