The APC has urged Rivers elders and opinion leaders to prevail on the leader of the PDP in Rivers State to reconsider the kind of comments he makes before he sets the State ablaze.

The APC’s statement issued in Port Harcourt by its Spokesman, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke came in the wake of a reaction by Okrika Chiefs who have expressed disgust over a remark by Governor Nyesom Wike which suggested that their people are land grabbers

The party described the comment credited to the State Governor of Rivers State as very unfortunate.

“We have reviewed the comments made by the Governor and the sharp reaction that came from the Chiefs of Okrika”, the APC said.

“Were it not that many in the State heard the Governor and understood what he said in the sense that the Chiefs and people of Okrika did, we would have thought that His Excellency was misquoted.

“While our intention is not to escalate the issue, we believe that the time has indeed come for the Governor to weigh his comments before expressing them in public.

“We equally consider it unfortunate that the Governor could have alluded to land grabbing while flagging off a project, knowing how such a comment could hurt the integrity of an ethnic nation in whose territory he was.

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“We urge the Governor as a responsible party to go slow. We are worried that he is reducing the  status of the exalted office of a State Governor which is the symbol of our democracy”, the statement observed.

The party further stated, “we are concerned that the State Chief Executive is wrongly  creating the impression that as the number one citizen, he has inherited the authority to say just about anything in view of the power of immunity that he enjoys.

“The APC apologises to the people of Okrika and the people of other ethnic nations in the State for the contemptuous insults that they are  enduring.

“In so doing, we urge Rivers people through their esteemed leaders and representatives to caution the leader of the Rivers PDP before his comments set our State ablaze.”

The APC emphasized that it was deeply concerned about comments that are being credited to Governor Wike.

“His remarks in the  public place are increasingly becoming inflamatory and totally unacceptable

“The Governor ought to be building bridges of cooperation which should unite the people instead of fanning the amber of division, distrust and hate.

“We believe that the Governor his promoting disunity, discord and disharmony among the people by resorting to the kind of speeches that are credited to him where ever he sets foot.”

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Stressing that the “Rivers people elected the Governor to lead them to the promised land”, the major opposition party in the State rebuked the Wike administration for trampling upon the people as well as “their values, honour, integrity, self esteem and self respect.”

According to the APC, “Our democratic culture has often been anchored on the respect of the will of the people. It is the basis of the social contract which exists, and the foundation of the bond that has held the State together as a bastion of democracy.

“Our founding fathers fought for a State that would be home to all Rivers people. They fought so that we would co-exist in harmony, peace and unity. They fought so we could dream great dreams of greatness and  progress; pursue a common purpose; and promote the spirit of oneness and brotherhood

‘By the grace of God, Rivers people have only a few more months to wait. When that time comes, Rivers people shall have the opportunity to install a leadership that will respect the will of the people. That day will certainly come”, the statement added.