… Vanguard Newspapers honour Amaechi with Public Sector Icon of the year

Rotimi Amaechi, Nigeria’s Minister of Transportation Saturday evening in Lagos, received Vanguard’s prestigious award for excellence.

It would be the second time that Vanguard newspapers would honour Amaechi.

On that occasion, Amaechi had won the Vanguard Personality of the Year award while serving as Governor of Rivers State.

This time, the Vanguard newspaper acknowledged that Amaechi’s exemplary performance as Minister of Transportation, particularly in the advancement the rail sector is worthy of recognition.

Under Amaechi’s watch, the Lagos – Ibadan rail line as well as the Warri – Itakpe and Abuja – Kaduna rail lines have been completed.

Similarly, work is going on along the Kano – Maradi Rail line and Kano – Kaduna railway while work is expected to commence on the Port Harcourt – Maiduguri rail line.

The Vanguard newspaper noted that these strides coupled with other developments within the transformation sector culminated in the choice of the Minister as the Public Sector Icon for 2021.

Across the country, many are hailing Amaechi’s recognition. Spokesman for the APC in Rivers State said in his reaction, “We are not surprised by the award of honour. It doesn’t matter on which side of the political divide they find themselves, Many Nigerians agree that Amaechi is distinguishing himself as a true patriot.

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“We are glad that Amaechi has replicated those giant strides for which he was known as the Governor of Rivers State in course of his assignment as the Minister of Transportation.

“Rivers sons and daughters are proud of this workaholic who is our leader. We are happy that he is silently transforming the rail sector and rendering quality services that will take Nigeria to the next level.

In July, 2018, the Minister of Transportation received the Blueprint Newspapers award for his contribution to rail development and the construction of the first monorail system in Sub-Sahara Africa.

It was the maiden edition of Blueprint Impact Series/Awards with the theme: “Tolerance, Unity and Security: Building a Legacy for National Development which held in Abuja.

Thus, the Vanguard award is being viewed as a confirmation of the way the Nigerian press is seeing the tranformatory efforts championed Rt Hon Amaechi to diversify the transport sector.

In a report entitled “Amaechi: Prophet, Honour and hometown” published August 1, 2019, the Vanguard had written:

“What happened in Nazareth aeons ago is as true today as it was then, hence the 14th-century cliché – familiarity breeds contempt – in Tale of Melibee, one of The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. This story reminds me of the fate of Rotimi Amaechi, former Rivers State Governor and former Minister of Transportation now on the new ministerial list.

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“Amaechi admits that he had a humble beginning, without any silver spoon; and for some people, he must eternally wear Franz Fanon’s ‘wretched of the earth’ pinafore.

“It does not matter to them that in pulling himself up by his own bootstraps, he has become one of the biggest political revelations of the Fourth Republic.”

These may well capture the essence of the struggle and attainments of the Ubima – born technocrat, administrator and politician whom many across the country think is not too young to be president of Nigeria.