Who says real women who are seeking fulfilment can afford to lock themselves in and stay away from men?

For the sake of satisfying their innate desires, women are ready to go the extra mile to enjoy companionship, a popular female relationship therapist notes.

Nigerian born Relationship Blogger and Therapist, Okoro Blessing Nkiruka has disclosed why women, including single ladies, are unable to resist men.

The lady who is  known as Blessing CEO on her Instagram page said in a video which is trending that she finds it difficult to stay away from men even when she is single.

She said sleeping with men is fun, stressing that it is something she cannot stay away from.

In her latest video, Nkiruka observed there are lots of women who lay claim to being feminists and independent women.

But she noted that inspite of such claims, they still enjoy the fun of having men.

The woman who is better known as “Relationship Therapist” admitted that not even the fear of ending up in hell would deter her.

It is sin to have an affair with a man who is not a husband, she admits, but resisting men is not something she can cope with.

 In her view, intimacy humbles a woman irrespective of the position she holds.

The therapist also agreed that whereas intimacy ought to exist between a husband and wife, there are lots of ladies who for no fault of theirs are unable to find husbands.

 She also said that the excitement gotten from intimacy is something that makes women happy.

So even if they are not married, Blessing who confessed she is guilty of it remarked, they find someone to be intimate with.