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Category: News


Wike accuses CSO of theft? 

Reports making the rounds in the Garden City suggest the Chief Security Officer to the Governor of Rivers State, Promise Wosu has been relieved of his assignment. He is accused of allegedly engaging in sinister transactions which may be seen as  theft. The verbal indictment…


How they rape NDDC 

The Acting Managing Director of the NDDC, Joy Nunieh has warned those who live in glass houses not to throw stones. The Ogoni born lawyer and politician issued the warning while speaking in her office. She said since arriving at the Commission, her team has…


Set for home run 

It is now clear that Chief Nnamdi Wokekoro, former Mayor of Port Harcourt city and chairman of the Local Government Service Commission would begin his journey home in a couple of days to come. According to information, the burial date of the Mayor is set…


Flood overruns Igwuruta 

Most of Igwuruta community in the Ikwerre Local Government Area are now under threat. This year’s flooding has dealt a cruel blow on the community, with most compounds completely invaded by water from neighbouring streams. A Telegraph Correspondent who passed through the community reports that…


Enter the new butchers 

In Bakana, the life of a Kalabari youth hangs in the balance.  The man, a victim of a machete attack is struggling to survive. His name is Soala Martyns Yellowe. We cannot confirm what led to the attack, but local sources say a  disagreement between…


Once again, Buhari strikes from abroad 

In what is gradually turning out to be part of the evolving style of the federal administration, a decision with far reaching implications has just been made. As usual, the President, Muhammadu Buhari is away from the country, attending a United Nations General Assembly meeting…

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